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My 100th post! I guess I'm "supposed" to do the great "100 things about me" post...let's see how far I can get. I'm also guessing that these "things" are supposed to be interesting...we'll see about that. HA!

1. I started dating the Warrior when I was a wee eighteen years old.
2. I got engaged to the Warrior at twenty-two years old, the fall after I graduated from University.
3. I got married to the Warrior more than six years after we started dating. I was twenty-four.
4. I met the Warrior through my friend, and his roommate, LouDog.
5. I am six, nearly seven, years younger than the Warrior.
6. I got butterflies when I met the Warrior. I thought he was cute, in a nerdy, glasses-wearing kind of way.
7. I had to convince Warrior to date me, because I was "too young" for him.
8. I said, "I love you" first. It just came out. He later told me that he could have said it after two weeks (TWO WEEKS, people!! I'm that damn good.) and it would have been true.
9. I'm still a bit peeved that he kept me waiting if he meant it earlier.

Speaking of peeves (back to Warrior later, I'm sure), I hate:
10. The expression, "pet peeves."
11. The word, "panties." They should ALL be underwear. It's like, "ooooh, PAN-ties." I think it's a sexist term, and it just makes me want to ralph.
12. When businesses don't have a website. I need to do research, people!
13. The expression, "teacher's pet." Hated it since grade school.
14. Internet Explorer (most of the time)(firefox RULZ).
15. Vista (blows my bloomin' arse).
16. Doing the dishes.
17. Folding laundry.
18. When my baby has a fever (right now it's 102.7 F). :(
19. How short the days are now (darn time change!).
20. Being late. Sadly, it is an all too common occurrence now that I am a mom.
21. Writing Thank You notes. I still have about 10 million to write for gifts from Little Man's birth. Ten months ago. Um, yeah. I have a serious problem. Sorry to all of my dear friends and family who have not received a note yet. Your gifts are truly appreciated. Truly.
22. The anxiety I feel when I think about un-written Thank You notes. (So why don't I just write them already??)

If you couldn't tell, I am:
23. A MAJOR procrastinator. If it can be done tomorrow, why not do it tomorrow?
24. Generally fairly messy. But clean. If that makes sense.
25. NOT a perfectionist. I got over that a looong time ago. I strive for a B+. And when that fails, a C will do.
26. Truthful to a fault at times.
27. A Sagittarius (see #26).

I am also:
28. Born in the year of the Goat (Sheep?? Something like that).
29. The second of four kids.
30. One of three sisters.
31. A voter.
32. Registered to "no party" since I can't fully commit myself to what the major parties believe in.
33. Liberal (it is Cali after all).
34. The daughter of two Libertarians. Until my Mom went Democrat in my teens (blame Bill).
35. Fatherless. He died of lymphoma when I was 19.

Some of my favorite foods are:
36. No-meat burritos. Repeat after me: beans (pinto), rice, cheese, sour cream, guacamole (a little hot sauce is good, too).
37. Nachos (like, the real deal, no Taco Bell stuff).
38. Carnitas burritos (a recent conversion; get this with black beans & lots of hot sauce).
39. Salt & Vinegar Potato chips.
40. Regular Potato Chips (another recent conversion, due to my elimination diet. It was like, the only "bad" food I could have).
41. Chocolate Mousse (a bonding point with Warrior -- our shared favorite dessert!).
42. Cereal (anything with granola clusters is always good).
43. Fried chicken tenders with...
44. French fries. Regular, curly, you name it, I like it.
45. Onion Rings.
46. Guacamole.
47. Avocado Rolls.
48. Chicken Terriyaki.
49. Pad Thai.
50. Any kind of curry dish -- red, green, yellow, don't matter.
51. Tom Ka Gai and Tom Ka Artichoke soups.
52. Broccoli.
53. Mangoes.
54. Papayas.
55. Cottage Cheese.
56. CHEESE! Roquefort, Brie, Cheddar, Jack, Manchego...mmmm. Damn elimination diet!
57. Chicken Satay w/ peanut sauce, mmm....
58. Peanut Butter (on toast, toasted bagels, sandwiches all w/ creamed honey, mmmm).
59. Chocolate.
60. Ice Cream.

I think I should stop the food category because:
61. I am a gourmand/foodie. I could go on and on about food.
62. Beautiful salads anyone? (a fruit, a nut and a cheese w/ balsamic vinaigrette, mmmm)(sorry I couldn't help myself).

Beverages I <3:>

63. Wine.
64. Margaritas.
65. Malibu & (usually diet) Coke.
66. MILK! Oh how I miss my milk. *sigh*
67. Milkshakes (malted or otherwise, CHOCOLATE 99% of the time).
68. WATER! Love it. Seriously.

69. My whole life (as long as I can remember), I've wanted to be a mom.
70. I was disappointed I didn't have a "regular" pregnancy (i.e., it ended too soon).

71. I have a hard time getting worked up for "causes," even when I have been directly affected by them -- lymphoma, prematurity, etc.
72. I can be extremely apathetic.

73. I have been called "crazy. But the good kind of crazy." (Thanks, k.) I took this as a compliment.
74. I have also been told by my mom and other friends that they've been "scared" of me.
75. Because you really don't want to piss me off.
76. I don't get pissed off often.
77. Annoyed, yes.
78. I forget easily annoyances by loved ones.
79. But I have an extremely good memory, which is a blessing and a curse.
80. Mom brain has stifled this memory excellence on occasion. I don't like my record being messed with.

81. I am usually the driver. It was 90% of the time before I got pregnant and then became a mom. See: Mom brain.
82. I am very good with directions and map reading. My sense of direction is quite remarkable.
83. We joke that I have a GPS in my brain. When I go someplace new, I am "uploading new maps" to my metal GPS.
84. Yes, I am dorky.

85. I don't "get" Burning Man and will probably never go.
86. I can be a bit uptight/prudish about certain things.

87. Warrior thought I was a "Santa Cruz hippie" when he first met me because I dressed up as one that first Halloween that we knew each other (before we were dating). Cracker.
88. I think being a "Cracker" can be a good thing, and if I'm calling you one, take it as a loving compliment.

89. I have never been to a screening of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show." I have no desire to go at this point in my life, either (See: #85 and #86).
90. Warrior says that I am the funniest woman he knows.
91. The Rice Cracker (Mojo) also thinks I have fabulous (comedic) timing. You have to know me in real life for the full effect. (I think? Maybe it comes through in my writing....)

92. My eyes change color. They are mostly blue on the outer rim and gold on the inside. When my pupils get big, they look green. They can also look gray or aqua.
93. My hair changes color. Not usually naturally. Heh.
94. I am five foot four and three quarters. But I'll say I'm five-five and call it even.
95. My driver license lies.
96. I was extremely depressed for many years of my life. I am happy now. And I work hard to stay that way. Motherhood and hormones makes this hard.
97. I like to "help" people to a fault. I will give you advice on something you are trying to buy, whether you are a friend, or a stranger in a store. This annoys Warrior to no end. He thinks I should butt out. This also extends to "helping" in personal and familial relationships. You can't help those that don't want to be helped. I've learned to curb that for the most part.
98. When I want to do or buy something, I research the heck out of it. I spent an INSANE amount of time researching strollers and cribs and the like.

99. I am slightly addicted to the Internet. But I'm getting better.
100. It took me over five hours to complete this (what with feeding the baby, getting him to bed, dealing with a fever -- now up to 103.6! JOY!, etc.). I can't believe I have finished!

If ANY of you made it through this, PLEASE let me know. I will be eternally grateful. I will also let you know how LM is doing tomorrow. We see the doc in the morning. My poor little boo!

(I guess this post could also be called: Profile of a Cracker: #2.)


Anonymous said...

I did it! And this is much better than the POS I've been compiling that is due this week.

I'm 5 4 and a half. that half is important!

Anonymous said...

Oh shoot, I was supposed to do a 100 Things post at my 100th post? Oops...

I'm sorry to hear that you lost your dad :(

Al_Pal said...

11. Word booty. Heh. I was also randomly reminded of the Dennis Leary segment on droopy trousers and exposed boxers: "They're supposed to go inside the pants! That's why they call it UNDER-F*KIN-WEAR!

15. If vista is still going when I need a new computer, I'm totally going Linux!

19. Well, the early sunset is the time change. The short days are just cuz we're that darn close to solstice. :P
*iz smrtypantz*

24. Hygienic but cluttered. I am so with you. ;p

36. Ah, the mantra:
Rice. Beans. Guacamole. Sour cream. (repeat) ;D
38. *drool* Carnitas...
I'm pretty much with you on the whole rest of the food and bev category. Though of course my list has more stuff on it. I'm not big on the malted though.

69. Hooray for making your dreams / wishes / hopes / desires happen.
Particularly with such a fantastic Man and darling Boy.

83. Well, even though you are [presumably] not using satellites, microwave signals, or trilateration, GPS sounds fair. ;p

84. Yay dorky! ;D

85. & 89. Clearly, this a point of divergence--possibly our largest one. I'm guessing I inspired these? ;D
(I guess your lifelong desire to be a mom would be another major divergence, heh)
Otherwise, though, we have a LOT in common. Dorky map-wielding procrastinators FTW! ;D

91. Rice Cracker! zOMG.
Trader Joe's has some tasty rice crackers, heh. ;p

*raises hand* Yep, I read the whole thing. ;D
GL with the doc!

Toni said...

I read them all and am impressed that you found time with a 10 month old to do this list. I will have to time my 100th post when my husband is off or it will never, ever get completed!

Great list!

Toni said...

Oh, and sorry Little Man is ill. That is awful and I HATE fevers!

Cynthia said...

Sick is no fun. My team has come down with something, and nobody is happy:(

Anonymous said...

I don't know how it's possible, but I love you even more now!! :D

Bradley's Mom said...

I hope Little Man is feeling better by now!!

Congrats on your Egel Nest award! Great choice by Bradley! You have a wonderful blog!!


Heidi Hyde said...

Yeah VDog! Congrats on your 100th post AND your Egel Nest Award!


Jennifer said...

Happy 100!!

We have the same eyes.

I'm hungry now after reading this.

In this day and age, I get so pissed when businesses don't have websites.

I agree about IE.

Hope Little Man feels better soon.

Mom Knows Everything said...

Congrats on your 100th post! I admit once I hit about 60 I started scanning instead of reading every word. My bad!

Victoria said...

Tammy -- I don't blame you! That's why I said, IF you make it through this...LOL. I usually have a hard time making it through other people's, so I can't expect you to make it through mine!
Though you DID miss some good ones ;)
I made it through Jennifer's "Spine Tingling Facts."

Al_Pal: I have many a burner friend, believe it or not, so I get asked if I've gone/will I go, so it's on my mind (especially living where I live).
As for Rocky, Mom just asked me if I had ever gone. And it's playing locally. Thought to myself, hmm. I've never done that!
I DID fall asleep the first time we watched the vid, remember? I DO think it's a funny movie, though, and can appreciate it for what it is.
Another fact? I HATE Halloween. Just NOT my holiday, so dressing up and going to Rocky would just NOT be for me.

I am perplexing.


Hi..just rolling in from The Egels Nest...must say congrats on your award...Bradley is a totally cool guy...anyway, I will be checking out your blog...Have a great one!

Gretchen said...

NOT reading... NOT reading! I will though... I'm sitting at post 98, so I'm working on my 100 things right now. I don't want to copy yours! I look forward to reading it in a few days!! :)

Unknown said...

I'm 5ft 2 & 3/4...which rounds to the 5ft 3 my DL says, right?
Oh, and 17-20, 23, 24, 26, 27 (which day in Dec are you?), 42-47 (anything with avocados!), 56, 59, 60, 63, 64!!, 67-69, 79, 84, 92, 93, 95 (see above), 99. Wow. Pretty similar on a lot, huh?

Unknown said...

I need to learn from you on #97. As a matter of fact, I started a post just this morning on that exact subject matter but haven't (and don't know that I will) finished it.

Candace said...

you rock! I loved reading that!

Gretchen said...

I've read it now! You're list is so much more fun than mine!! :)

I'm so thinking about getting a Mac for our next computer... no more Windows problems! AND Firefox all the way! :)

I'm so with you on 23, 31, 32, all your food/beverages (plus many more... I just love food), 71, 72, 82, 83 (I have those in my 100, too), I don't know what Burning Man is (is that bad?), 98, 99... yep, yep, yep! :)

Anonymous said...

To the wittiest, most fabulous Mama I know!

The real deal is certainly better but I can definitely "hear" your genius as I'm reading. Too much smoke blowing?...maybe because I actually know you, I can hear you saying what I'm reading. I have a hard time reading your posts at work because 1) big brother is watching and 2) I'm often laughing out loud! Still, the comebacks and zingers are way better when some unsuspecting jacka** steps in your way! Ah, the memories are classic. In my own cracker way, I don't have to remember the words exchanged. Just the looks on other people's faces. ;-)

So, thanks for the mention! It makes me feel not so distance (you'd think I still lived 3000 miles away!). I love the sharing!

BTW, getting dressed up and throwing TP at each other?! I think we'd do a mean time warp if we went together. Sidenote: I've been once, in your hometown when I was in high school. Saw the majority of it (and other times on VHS) but even at Rocky Horror, I pulled the classic Mojo...and passed out. Is there anything I can't sleep through?!


Laura McIntyre said...

I made it through, it was a wonderful way to learn more about you and your blog.

jennifer said...

this post was funny. but it really just made me hungry. :)

Anonymous said...

I knew you were a sagittarious...great sign. Anyway..I jsut started reading your blog..it's very nice:) it does cheer me up especially with such a rainy day and the kids climbing all over me !!!!

Anonymous said...

We got lots of crackerness in common, I too love salt and vinegar potato chips and hate the word panties....all undergarments are referred to as underwear up in my house! I said "I love u" last, but I kissed him first! And by the way it was not so hard to get through, interesting even.....Misty

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