Oh Yeah, A Few Other Things...

Dear Little Man,

I forgot to tell you about a few key pieces of your development. YOUR MOVEMENT!!!

You are now army crawling with gusto, and in the last few days, you have begun to get both knees up and rest on all fours. Once in this position, if you can keep at it, you begin to slowly rock back and forth on your knees.

I've heard this is a key step for your crawling development. While I am excited to see you complete this milestone, it presents an even bigger challenge for me to keep watch over you.

We have set up and entire playroom for you in our Living Room, even though we said we would never be *THOSE* parents. Oh well. It just makes much more sense to give you a safe play space which is entirely dedicated to you rather than clean up another space over and over again.

You will learn quickly that both Daddy and I are HORRIBLE at keeping things tidy. Really, giving you the living room is a compromise that allows us to keep the family room for "adult" activities. You will also learn quickly that we are not very mature (see: Halo 3, pink hair, etc.). But DO NOT confuse this with us wanting to be YOUR FRIEND. Oh no, Little Cracker. We want to be YOUR PARENTS. NOT your FRIENDS.

We DO want you to love us immensely, but we want you to realize that while you live under OUR roof, you live under OUR rules. After you move out and become you own man, making your own decisions, we can be friends. Deal?

I love you with all my heart, my first born son (yes, this does mean we want to make you a sibling).

Until I think of something else,
love always,


Robin said...

We did the same thing with our living room - turned it into the playroom. The family room is the 'cleaner, more organized, spend time together' room. The living room/playroom opens into the dining room (which loops to the kitchen and central hallway) and also to the foyer. When he plays he doesn't have to clean up (if he had built a huge train track system, lego thingy, etc). We don't have to walk thru that room - we can walk the other way.
It was a wonderful system.

Cynthia said...

Just you wait till he's walking! They never stop! Our living room looks like a bomb went off...Picture Little Man squared!

Toni said...

He'll be crawling so soon and then you have to be tidier or else he eats every piece of fuzz, rogue cheerio or anything else his little fingers can pick up. Oh, the fun!

Anonymous said...

Awww! Mobility is such a great milestone! Then they pick up speed and you want to sedate them! Lol!

Heidi Hyde said...

My my...we are in the same space with out little ones, aren't we? Onion has started to take his first tentative steps, and now it's a whole new ball game of what's off limits!


Jennifer said...

Oh it's a whole new world once they start moving! I wish you good luck.

Jennifer said...

Oh it's a whole new world once they start moving! I wish you good luck.

Al_Pal said...

*keyboard mash* The Cuteness! It is overwhelming, really. I gotta see this. ;D

Unknown said...

My spouse is addicted to Halo 3, too. And, just get ready. With crawling comes finding things that you never thought they could get into.

The Egel Nest said...

I just handed you an award :)

Come and get it!

Congratulations, your blog has been hatched!

Bradley Egel
The Egel Nest

dawn224 said...

We're where you are - the army crawl is pretty efficient. I had to haul a small bookcase over to start blocking him into a part of the living room when he pulled over a plant ACROSS THE ROOM before I knew what had happened.

Victoria said...

Believe you me, I was in NO hurry to get him moving!! Take your sweet time, preemie boy!

Toni -- we're clean but not neat. What I have to worry about is magazines, mail, that kind of thing. And I'm trying to not have food in the playroom. We'll see how long that lasts!

Anonymous said...

I posted in here, I swear I did. My post said something along the lines of loving you!!

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