The Day I Had Been Waiting For

Five years ago today the Warrior asked for my hand in marriage. Actually it wasn't that formal. There was no getting down on one knee. No elaborate set-up of roses and champagne. What we had was each other, sitting side-by-side on the beach before sunset, and a ring, wrapped in an sunglasses cleaning cloth, smuggled to our engagement in the depths of Warrior's pocket.

Planning and formality have never been our strong suits. So it was appropriate that Warrior proposed marriage in true Cracker style. He looked over at me and after a huge gasp of confidence-building air, said, "VDog, will you marry me?" (Replace VDog with an embarrassing pet name we call each other.)

So I started laughing. Almost uncontrollably. Because he had been giving me this long spiel about us, and partnerships, and good teams, and all sorts of ridiculous things that somehow in his mind made a good case for us getting married.

I also laughed because he had taken a confidence-building gasp of air a few minutes earlier, but chickened out. Poor, nervous Warrior. It's not like he didn't know what my answer would be -- we had been talking engagement for a year, and had been dating four and a half years -- I undoubtedly was gonna say "yes."

He slipped the ring on my finger before I could even utter a word -- I was still too busy laughing. It was the funniest, cutest, most vulnerable moment I had (and have) ever shared with my husband. Eventually I got around to saying, "Yes, of course, you silly Warrior!" (Replace Warrior with embarrassing pet name as above.)

To celebrate, we were going to go to the restaurant overlooking the beach. But, of course, the restaurant had closed. Hmmph. So we went home to our teeny, dank apartment and made fish sticks. Yup. That's right. Fish sticks. And I really couldn't have cared less.

I DID make him get down on one knee twice that weekend. Once that night, and once the next day. Just because I wanted him to, and he was happy to oblige. (Because, you know, people ASK YOU if he got down on one knee when you get engaged!)

Confidential to Warrior: Thanks for being my (insert embarrassing pet name)! I love you!

Warrior sent my favorite flowers the morning of our wedding

It's Flashback Friday.


Anonymous said...

HAHA..nice!! love the photo V

Anonymous said...

Nice story! It's nice to think back. :)

Anonymous said...

that's a great engagement story...i think the less formal ones are the most romantic and "real"!

our engagement was sooo not formal...i knew he want to propose, but he couldn't find the right ring, and wouldn't ask without one...so i took the situation in my own hands, got down on one knee while he was in his computer....i asked him while i was balling my eyes out, and hubby said yes as he was balling his eyes out...it's actually a pretty funny story!

ImpostorMom said...

That is funny, I laughed when the husband proposed to me too. I can't even really remember what he said but I remember laughing and telling him I had to think about it for five years or so (that's how long we'd been living together). He said he took it back but I snatched the ring and said of course I'll marry you goofball.

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