We Partied Like It Was 1999

#3 and #2 (aka VDog), 1:37am

Saturday night I got my second night out since Little Man was born. And he'll be seven months old tomorrow. And the first night out was only two weeks ago, and we were out of the house less than three hours. To say that the kid is tied to my breast like an albatross around my neck would be an understatement.

Saturday night, though, was a special night -- Mojo's 30th Birthday Party. I started some sleep training in June for the occasion (well for that, and for my own sanity) so that we could go out and I wouldn't have to worry about Munchie waking up and screaming for hours, leaving our good friends and gracious babysitters helpless, because he wanted the boob. The party was held in a private bar/lounge space, so the party was slated to run from 9pm-2am. We had time on our side. I put Munchie down before we left, around 8:45. I am extremely happy to report that he slept the entire time we were gone!

Even more shocking, Mama stayed out past Last Call!! I could not believe my ears when I heard those words come out of the bartender's mouth. I have never stayed out that late before! I know, I'm a total dork. Also, I like "partying" at home with friends, where I can play Martha Stewart with the cocktails and food and such, haha.

Anyway, Mojo is also a mama (to two adorable boo's) and we were quite worried that we wouldn't have the staying power to keep up with the kidless at the party (the majority of the peeps there, I think). But the party kept clearing out as the night turned into morning and we kept dancing:

Hot Mamas, 2am

VDog, Mojo, Warrior cropped out of photo, heheh

I had a fabulous time....


#3 said...

Too much fun moto! We need to do things like this more than one a year :)

Anonymous said...

Good times all around. Too bad the Witness Protection Program prevents the viewing public from seeing my patented dance moves!

mama k said...

ooh sounds like fun!
It's like such a novelty when you get to have "adult time", no?

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Anonymous said...

That party was so off-the-hook!
And HEEE at you never staying out that late before.
You're a wild woman, VDog! ;p
(and much more lovely of voice and appearance than Martha!)

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