So Totally Fabulous!

The Parent Bloggers Network and Beauty Confidential want to know about some of my biggest beauty blunders.

So I present for you, Christmas in the Year 2000:

Iridescent highlighting shadow and "coordinating" gold shadow (click on the pic for the (almost) full effect). I promise you this looked MUCH more scary in person. Also, not sure what I was thinking with the uber-blonde hairdo and super-straight brows.

February, the Year 2006:
When I "tried" to put streaks of "Pulsating Pink" in my own hair. Notice how the left side (your right) is much blonder than the right? Yeah, I am a MASTER styliste. TOTALLY.
Hair color "not found in nature" CONSISTENTLY makes the Don't list, year after year. Yet I am still tempted to do something radical, like Plum or pink (again).

At least I've got the lipstick right in each pic!

What were some of YOUR biggest beauty blunders?


dawn224 said...

OH! I had the gold eyeshadow too! AND lipstick!

Unknown said...

Oh, my! That's just dead on sexy. I think my biggest blunder was quitting my job...cause now I can no longer afford electrolysis.

Jennifer said...

I like the pink! I should get that done to my hair!

Al_Pal said...

The pink hair is awesome. Gold shadow and straight brows, though--pretty scary. :P

First thing that comes to mind for me would be the magenta, checker-sided bike shorts. Of course, sins of the late 80s and preteen years may not be fair game! :P

So...going w/o highlighting my hair for nearly a year last year? The bleach job I did on myself freshman year of college? *shrug* ;p

Anonymous said...

Any spur of the moment self-hair-cut moments end up being blunders. Too short, too uneven, too bad.

Unknown said...

I went eggplant sometime in the early 90's. I loved it but my grandmother said I looked like a hooker!

Anonymous said...

Biggest blunder... over-plucking my eyebrows. Twice.

Anonymous said...

My biggest beauty blunder was THE WORMY PERM! I already have/had curly hair but I insisted on the wormy perm b/c everyone and their sister had it. Can you say astro puff?

The Egel Nest said...

I don't know how I missed this post...but Vdog...

You are kinda hot girl!! :)

Whew...Bradley Likey!


The Egel Nest

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