Skwish Classic

Warrior: FINALLY, a toy that keeps him quiet for a few minutes!

Little Man proceeded to use the Skwish as a teething toy and then as a mallet on his exersaucer quite rambunctiously. He was only kept quiet for a few minutes, while the toy was in his mouth. Then he erupted into his assault on the exersaucer. I don't think the boy knows the meaning of "quiet toy." Or book for that matter.


Jennifer said...

They do have a way of making even the quiet toys noisy! At least it wasn't made in China!

Anonymous said...

it appears it is made in china, if you search skwish + "made in china".

China or not, lead paint or not, I'm not sure it's a good idea for babies to be gnawing on paint!

VDog said...

He only put it in his mouth the one time, so I'm not too concerned.

I would agree that it is not great for babies to be gnawing on painted toys, but once you take away plastic toys and then wooden ones with paint, you're not left with very much fun stuff. Even fabric toys have dyes and pesticide/chemical residues. Most toys are not organic.

Just today I bought him all natural wooden shakers. We'll see how long that interests him.

With all of these recalls and warnings, we have to make decisions based on the comfort level of the parents.

Is Little Man going to have severe consequences from a small amount of exposure? Most likely not.

We try to be aware and make the best choices we can.

VDog said...

Btw, anonymous, this was well before Little Man had teeth.

We're more careful now about what he puts in his mouth as he can now potentially chip things off (like paint) of the toys.

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