Mama Alone Time

Jennifer had an interesting post yesterday about needing a break. You see, a Mama's work is never done. At every other job, you are mandated to take breaks. Some people I know may not take them, but at least they are there if you need them.

Not so for mamas. We are on-call more readily than ER doctors, or my Obstetrician, who will only deliver your baby M-F 6a-6p. Seriously. But I digress. Mamas NEED breaks, and we MUST make time for them, for our own sanity and the well being of our families.

So I got up the nerve to make time for myself.

I demanded a little "Mama Alone Time." I sent the Warrior, Little Man and CrackerDog Sasha out on a walk.

In return for my demand, I got one whole hour to spend as I pleased. A luxury I never don't often have time for, or afford myself the time necessary to indulge.

I enjoyed a jacuzzi bath. I read a disgusting article in The New Yorker. I waited until I got nice and pruney to get out of the bath.

Then I did something I realized I had not been able to do in oh, eight, nine months or so. I flopped on our bed and waited for some of the heat to dissipate from my body. (Really exciting, right? It's something I used to really enjoy doing, and the relaxing feeling of flopping was nearly lost in my past. I was glad to have found it.)

Then I wondered where my family was. Realizing that I could potentially still have some time of my own, I hurried downstairs to enjoy the computer guilt-free. Read a couple of blogs, IMmed #3, and then they were home.

And I was glad. I was starting to get worried about them. ;) Well, not really worried, per se, but close to it. Can you blame me for wondering what they were doing and if they were having fun without me, like, the WHOLE time they were gone?

Gah, I gotta get better at this Mama Alone Time thing.


Jennifer said...

I LOVE relaxing AFTER the bath, too! And with kids, you never get to do that part! Good for you. We as moms should definitely take time for ourselves. I hate that we have to ask for it, though, and explain WHY we need it!

Mama Zen said...

And, I hate that we often feel like everyone is doing us a big favor when we get a little alone time!

Anonymous said...

Good for you. Hopefully I can get over there more often.

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