Haiku Update

It's been a big week
One year pediatrician
Well child appointment

Monday. Thursday was
The last cardiologist
Visit, hopefully

Heart and head healthy,
Big things for my Little Man ~
I am so thankful!

Haiku Friday

So Monday we had the ONE YEAR APPOINTMENT!!!! We made it! Woohoo!! Here's how the Little Man stacked up (I post these for family & friends; I've been told it is one of their favorite things to read about):

Head circumference = 48.5 cm = 95% (HUGE considering he was two months early. And actually he jumped from the 90% at 9 months, so we're just gonna wait and see how he measures at the 15 month appointment -- if he jumps again, we'll do a head ultrasound to check for hydrocephaly, which is common among preemies, but right now the doc doesn't think it's a concern, since his cognitive abilities are on-track. The doc asked if large heads run in the family, lol, which they do!)

Height = 30 inches = 60% (roughly, he wasn't cooperating very well during this measurement!)

Weight = 19lbs 4oz = 6% (up 14+ pounds from birth, though!)

So the Little Man continues with his supermodel body type -- huge head on a tall, skinny body. All cuteness.

It's hard to believe that a year ago he was a tiny baby in the hospital, and now he's almost a little boy!

Yesterday we went for what I hope was our last appointment with the cardiologist. They did an EKG, which was normal, we chatted with the doctor for a little bit, and then he was fitted with a holter monitor, which is basically a 24hr EKG.

As long as the holter study results come back with no arrhythmia's, Little Man will no longer have to be on medication or see the cardiologist. He came off of the medicine about ten days ago to "challenge" him for the holter study. If he has another episode, we will have to go to the hospital and get an EKG and go back on medicine for the foreseeable future. But the doctor is hopeful that Little Man has outgrown this quirk.

Big head, nice shoulders, skinny body
With his "iPod"
Monitor leads & super cool shirt holding it all on

Since he wasn't crawling the last time he had a holter study, this was the first time he got this AWESOME shirt to keep the monitor in place. Before they just rubber banded it to his onesie.

I gave him the light-up pen that my phlebotomist gave me when he found out I was pregnant so that I could take the monitor off of him.

All the people in the cardiologist's office came to say Hi to him, since he was so cute (as always) and was one of the only babies in the office not crying.

I'll find out next week what the results of the holter study are.

Next week we see the GI doc (more on THAT drama later) to check in about the milk protein allergy issue. Hopefully we'll be done with that office, too!

Have a great weekend, everyone!!


Cathy said...

Great news all around!

dawn224 said...

Snort. That shirt rox! Please tell me you are going to keep it - I think they made it out of my underwear from after I had Alex.

Who is, by the way, just about LMs size - They are twins! Born 4 months apart! Across the country from each other!

Anonymous said...

His little mesh top makes him look like a Venice Beach body builder :) All he needs now are those baggy, multi-colored pants (MC Hammer style) and his look is complete.

Anonymous said...

Sounds great to me, V!!! Love to you both!!

the planet of janet said...

lookin' good. he's such a cutie!

Burgh Baby said...

That's great news! I hope it keeps up that way.

Big heads run in my husband's family, too. We attribute the Toddler's extra-extra-large noggin to him. I really love answering the question each and every time the pediatrician's office asks, "do big heads run in the family?"

Unknown said...

I'm so happy for you guys! Yay Little Man. Way to get the big brain AND the svelte body. Roar! Vdog, you gonna be keeping the ladies away with a big stick! Thanks for the care pkg. LOVED it! And, befriend me on twitter if you already haven't!

Al_Pal said...

AWESOME. He is so completely adorable--and the stats are great, too! Love the mesh tank--we are so goin' clubbing, LOL!
Love yous!

Anonymous said...

Oh Yeah!!


Anonymous said...

That mesh tank would look awesome with my mesh panties!

The Egel Nest said...

Vdog for Vendetta -

Missed ya while I was away girl!

That fishnet monitor look is hot on the little man! lol

The Egel Nest

k said...

happy bday!!!!!

Bradley's Mom said...

Hi V!

I'm SO happy for your good report!!

May he continue on, in GOOD HEALTH forever and a day!!!


Anonymous said...

He looks like a guy i use to date in Jersey...nice shirt little man..tee hee

Anonymous said...

Got the book and I love it sooooo much!! It's wonderful like my friend V!

Anonymous said...

Big boy

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