Moving On...

I've officially let go of vdogblog.com. Someone else has bought the domain and is blogging there, using my VDog & Little Man name. Very strange. I've bought a new domain name, but I'm not sure that I will be posting anything there.

As most of you know, I've had a very hard year. I've been asked not to talk about pretty much everything, so I haven't. I can tell you that everything I did was out of love & support. I continue to strive for acting with love & kindness, and to let go of the things I cannot change.

 Wishing everyone peace & love on this sad day for our country.

XO, VDog/Victoria


I've Moved!

Well sort of, not really exactly.

I'm still at http://vdogblog.com but now self-hosted on Wordpress (like a big girl! as Dawn said) thanks to a sweet St. Patricks's Day deal on Dreamhost and the loving friendship of Mrs. Flinger who made the transfer for me.

Not sure how all the feed settings are right now, but you should be able to remain subscribed through my feedburner feed.

VDog & Little Man will live on here in posterity, but make sure you come check out all my new nifty features at Wordpress! You know, when it's like, all set up and stuff. Still working out the kinks. Crackerness, you know.

Unlike most people, I actually really like Blogger and it's ease of use, but the inability to have the email address of all my commenters, lack of 'trackbacks' and a few other cool things finally outweighed my love of idiot-proof-ness here at Blogger.

Hasta la vista, baby!


It's Just Another Day in Paradise (Alt. It's Great to Be 2)


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