Poetry In Motion

Husband is obsessed
Halo 3 is addictive
Please make it stop now


Drool is everywhere
Four more teeth are coming through
Erupt quickly please!


Day two of challenge
NaBloPoMo kicks my butt
Hopefully in gear

Bloggy friends miss me
I miss them too. Fewer hits
I've had. That's okay.

It's reciprocal
Hopefully they'll come back soon
I'm back on the horse.


It's Haiku Friday.


Heather said...

Great Haiku!

You're right...it is totally reciprocal. Jennifer and I were just joking over that the other day. This new job is throwing me for a loop! Reciprocity is about to bite me in the butt. haha!

Al_Pal said...

Great haikus. My sleep
schedule is whack. Maybe
soon I'll see more sun.

Anonymous said...

My hubby and eldest play the first version of Halo together on the PC; drives me effin' insane!!!

As for the reciprocity, I do believe it's true, too. Don't fret, I'm always here!! :D

Toni said...

The Conqueror, who will be ten months tomorrow, is also cutting teeth. He has two new ones in a week and the other two are red and swollen and he was up 6 times last night. Ugh. Six in, only 14 to go. sigh

Head Gaggler said...

We are just about to partake in our first gaming system for the kids (well and us) and I fear I will never do anything else. Sorry about the teeth though. I feel your pain.

Jennifer said...

Oh yeah. Ignoring my google reader puts a huge dent in traffic. Oh well.

Glad you're back full force!

Anonymous said...

I'm excited to read you daily for a WHOLE month! Yay!

dawn224 said...

I've found that me having the blogging stuff to do really cuts down on my annoyance with Evercrack on the other computer.

Phyllis Sommer said...

we have that halo mess in our house too. and we only have one tv. so it's all abotu sharing. oy!

the planet of janet said...

the gamers in my house have grown up and moved away. it's an up side of that developing empty nest thing. my daughter could care less about that stuff! (but don't mess with her primping time!)

Unknown said...

My husband just bought an XBox 360 this past weekend and along with it he picked up Halo 3. Should I be worried? So FAR he has been pretty good. It is I that have had the problem. I can't seem to stop playing Guitar Hero!

Heidi Hyde said...

Nice 'ku. Good luck with the teeth!!


Serina Hope said...

I hope the teething gets better soon. i will read you for NaBloPoMo. I am doing it too. i am a bit nervous.

Patois42 said...

Oh, the joys of variety. Hope your husband and your baby's teeth all find their way soon!

Danielle said...

Halo, GTR Hero, EVE you name it. The computer and XBOX din in this house is deafening.

I feel for ya.

Great haiku!

Anonymous said...

Let's put it in perspective...You and the Warrior are capable to jumping on the wagon in other respects so I'm sure you could throw the smackdown if you need to limit the gaming. As for the drool, well, it's better than other baby fluids all around the house!

Totally got jinxed. While I was on the phone with you daycare left a message to tell me that the Sophinator had thrown up and I had to come get her! Ugh! At least I got to walk around downtown this morning to get some exercise...it just would have been better without dragging around a 20 lb audit bag!

Rice Cracker (and the Sophinator, too, who's looking over my shoulder checking out Little Man's pics!)

Steph said...

GREAT Ku! Ive missed your comments. Glad you're back.

Teeth suck. I hope they cut quickly!

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