"How could you not smell that stench?"

"Oh really? I thought something was a little odd...you know my sense of smell is really bad."

Little Man woke up screaming at 1:30 this morning, then promptly went back to sleep. Warrior went to check on him, and somehow missed the overwhelming smell of pruney poop. Since Little Man realized he was being checked on, he decided to wake up for a little party.

I went in there, smelled the stink before I even got to his door, and did what mamas do -- changed his diaper, fed him, and put him back to bed. Oh, Little Man...always a surprise with you!


Sarah said...

You have reminded me of the days when I could smell my kids' poop before I even opened the doors to their rooms.

It's been awhile.

But that's funny. My husband never could smell it from as great a distance as I could.

Anonymous said...

um, yeah, i know what you mean. I have no sense of smell and i can smell his poop before i open the door for some reason. The farts not so much, but the poop....oooo geez, get out the gas mask

Anonymous said...

I laughed at this one. Nice to have some lightheartedness. ;p
Lighthearted for me, anyhow...
*wry grin*

Anonymous said...

Ugh... The open-the-door-blast-o-stench is nasty. It lingers forever. Just wait til he's older with real poo. BLECH!

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