This Week, In Numbers

7: Times Little Man has bitten me with his new teeth while nursing.

7: Number of times Little Man has smiled in glee at me after being admonished for biting.

101.9: Highest recorded temperature.

6: Hours that Little Man was MISERABLE from the fever (and who knows what else).

2: Number of times Little Man got up last night (YAY!!).

16lbs1oz: Number on the scale at the Cardiologist's yesterday.

28: Number of inches the Little Man measures now! Big boy!

1: Number of future visits likely with the Cardiologist (SUPER YAY! It went well).

2: Number of weird poops before the diarrhea set in.

5: Number of diarrhea diapers.

1: Worried mommy because her baby has never had diarrhea before.

1: Unworried Pediatrician (heh).

1: GranCracker who thinks fever + diarrhea could mean another tooth (anyone experience this?).

3: Number of days I've been thinking about doing this post.

1: Number of bloggers who beat me to the punch.


Cathy said...

Congrats on the engagement (five years ago)!
I was wondering how much Little Man weighed...
Hope he's feeling better and that's great news about the cardiologist!

Anonymous said...

Diarrhea sucks. Sorry LittleMan and Mama!

Anonymous said...

3: other crackers who hope to see you soon
1: cracker dog who wants to see his girlfriend

Jennifer said...

What a big boy!

I suspect a tooth, too, with icky poop and fever symptoms.

Anonymous said...

GranCracker loves the blog!

Anonymous said...

Great news about the cardiologist...but sorry about the fever and diarrhea...that really sucks!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Heather said...

My son got a fever and icky poop that caused nasty diaper rash every single time he teethed. Luckily most of his teeth came in groups, which reduced the number of times we had to go through it. Apparently the diarrhea is caused by all the extra drool they produce while teething. Hang in there!

Jonathon Morgan said...

Eeek! It's so hard when they're sick at that age! I used to feel so helpless.. :(

Madam Crunchypants said...

1: GranCracker who thinks fever + diarrhea could mean another tooth (anyone experience this?).

Yup. Punkin is currently one giant diaper rash and diarrhea - and has 2 angry white bubbles on her exceptionally pointy gums. I'm surprised those little beggars haven't broken through yet myself.

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