Profile of a Cracker at 7 months

You are now seven months old, #5, and oh what a Cracker you have become. You are definitely taking after your comrades in Crackerness. Your Uncle Cracker, #3, has been schooling you in the art of the break off (like ralphing all over me at the most opportune moments). Your Dad and I, #'s 1 and 2, respectively, are trying to teach you how to embrace your inner Cracker and be yourself, even if this means farting in front of company and downloading a doozy in your pants. #4 is trying to hold it all together for the rest of us, bringing in the sweetness and light (and her own particular style of Cracker as well). Our friends #'s 6 & 7 bring over your friend and NICU roommate, #8, for play dates, and to assure you that you're not the only Cracker baby.

Let's talk about your eating...you definitely do that Crackah-style. You used to breastfeed, like, ALL THE FRICKIN' TIME. #7 even asked, "is there ever a time that kid's (that being you, #5) NOT on your boob?" Yes, it was that serious. I have never known a kid that has EVER eaten as much or as often as you.

Then one day, you just weren't as interested. Too much other cool stuff to check out. "No problem, I can always eat later," seemed to be your attitude. And so we started solid foods...

Your previous fervor for the boob has now transferred to eating solids. You scratch and claw at my hand, trying to bring the spoon to your mouth. At first, you totally dug the rice cereal. Then we tried avocado, and there was no going back. Now you won't even open your mouth for rice cereal, only avocado. Smart boy. Definitely Crackah-style. Why have something good when you could have something even better?

Your general demeanor is definitely different from a lot of other babies I see as well. Apparently your Crackerness is inherent. You writhe so wildy and with such fervor that sometimes we think something's wrong with you. But it's probably just because you're a Cracker, just like Mom and Dad.

At Gymboree, you move unlike any of the other babies there. And your shrieking -- MY GOODNESS!!! THE SHRIEKING!! -- would cause any "normal" parent to seek help. But I think it's just your normal Cracker glee coming out. I think you scared some of the other moms there AND made them thankful that they don't have to parent a little Cracker.

But you are the perfect Little Man for your Father (pronounced FA-zha) and me. I love you so completely and with all of my being. You are MY Crackah, and I love you for being you, you crazy little bunbuns.

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Anonymous said...

Love the Cracker-osity. & the gymboree story! ;p
FA-zha. Good times!

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