Dear Elderly Neighbor Lady

Dear Elderly Neighbor Lady,

Thanks for having Little Man and me over yesterday. It was really fun in a, "let's listen to really loud classical music while we watch the baby squirm" kinda way. It was so very generous of you to get Munchie a toy, though wholly unneccessary. But greatly appreciated. I, of course, didn't bring any toys with us, so it was nice for him to have something to suck on besides my boob.

I'm very sorry that when you held the little bugger, he decided he just had to eat your arm, and in doing so, ruptured your very thin, old-lady skin. Man. That'll teach me to let old people hold him. He's just too much of everything for y'all.

Anyway, we had a fabulous time and we must do it again soon. Perhaps when Little Man is like five or something.

Your neighbors, VDog & Little Man


Anonymous said...

Good post, V! The kid drew his first blood -- sweet!

#3 said...

Typical frog, only pickin' on something he knows won't fight back! That poor old lady!!! A chip right off the old block! The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

Anonymous said...

He's coming after you next, #3. Watch yourself!

sunnychoi said...

Wow! Babies can sense good and evil, this just shows that he was right!

mama k said...

The poor great grandmas are afraid to hold Peanut. He is just too active for them to contain on their laps.

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