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Little Man and I went to a FREE!!! infant massage class today. Also at the class was RookieMom Whitney, looking even more beautiful in person than she does on her website. I love meeting blogebrities in person -- it's pretty cool -- almost like meeting a celebrity!

I had the pleasure of meeting her partner in crime, Heather, a few weeks ago at a local park. Both ladies seem super down to earth and were really friendly to a lowly, newbie blogger like me. :)


Little Man really enjoyed the massage techniques. I think he could tell that my previous attempts at massaging him were seriously lame. He was the oldest baby there, though a couple of the three-month olds were nearly as heavy as him!


Our instructor was definitely on the hippie side of the spectrum. She instructed us to ask our babies for permission to massage them before beginning. Good stuff. She also told us how asking them for permission to touch them now would help them fend off sexual abuse in the future. Um, okay...if you say so. Whatever....

Anyway, I think we're gonna go to the next session on the 21st where a full body massage will be taught. (Today we just learned legs and feet.) The instructor also said that she could teach private lessons with three or more babies. Anyone in???

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Anonymous said...

I put Milo in the swing today with his big brother and that was a much more dangerous affair! Hope all is well with the Little "Dog"

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