Assignment #2

Photograph something so close that it's hard to decipher what it is...Roll over the picture with your mouse to find out what it is (look at the bottom of your browser window for the file name).

My favorite:

Other interesting attempts:

Other not-as-interesting attempts:

Which one is your favorite?


Anonymous said...

I like the last one -- that's my Bitch!

Victoria said...

OMFG, anonymous, you are hilarious ;)

Mom101 said...

Ha! I actually knew the Sigg bottle because I tried to order that very one today. I feel so proud of myself.

Anonymous said...

I like the pretty orange one.

VDog, you won a copy of Body, Soul and Baby over at Parent Bloggers! Please email us (parentbloggers@gmail.com) with your address so we can get it shipped to you.

Anonymous said...

Oh my! I never would have guessed!
to me it looks like some robots lighting up in the dark. giggle.
I have to say, my favorite is the bright and funny face of your little man. sweet!

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