Books, Walks & the Park

Family time is hard to come by in our house, what with a daddy that regularly comes home at 7pm and a baby that regularly goes to bed at 8pm. So we have to do our best to get in some all-together time on the weeknights. Weekends, however, are fair game. We usually try to spend as much time together as we can, and like to include the dog when possible.

Weeknight togetherness with a seven month old usually means sharing a book or some toys with the Little Man. It can also mean all of us -- including the dog -- watching Little Man have his way with some solid foods. One particularly interesting activity is watching dad iron a shirt for the next day. Seriously, people, I kid you not.

On the weekends we really get down to having some fun. The whole family gets out for a walk and enjoys the weather and scenery (we are lucky to live in a very verdant neighborhood). If we are feeling particularly motivated, we bring the picnic blanket and a few toys, and set up camp at a local park. Dad, Mom and Baby get to relax on the blanket while the dog wanders around, stimulating her senses. We can try to get the Little Man interested in the toys we brought or the rustling of the leaves in the trees overhead. When all else fails, there's always the baby swing. Mom or dad can push while the other takes photos.

Another popular family activity is called "photo shoot." We put the Little Man in a cute outfit, put down a backdrop, and start making fools of ourselves to get the baby to smile. We take turns being the photographer and smile maker, and it's a good time for all.

While it can be hard to make time for the family to share, it is the simple things that can make family time so wonderful.

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