Speaking of Celebrities...

We totally ran into Greg Germann last night at our locals-only park (you wouldn't know it was there unless you live in the neighborhood). Remember him from Ally McBeal?

We were on a walk with CrackerDog, Sasha, while Little Man took a stroller nap. My two neighborhood mommy friends and their babies and dogs were waiting for us to come back form the watering hole (Sasha is one thirsty bitch!), and Greg talked them up, then saw us coming back and said, "another baby!" I studied his face, wondering if it was really that guy. I knew that I knew him, but couldn't think of his name!

Anyway, he said Munchie was really cute, and once Greg was out of earshot us mommies all tried to figure out who he was, LOL. He is much better looking in person than he is on TV. He was with his son, who had longish hair, and was really cute, too. Made me think he may live in the neighborhood, after all! (Lots of boys in our town have long hair -- or maybe that's just a general trend these days?)

I wonder who we'll run into next!

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