I hear the water running in our bathroom.
My husband is getting ready for bed.
I know that he will be in bed, quite possibly asleep by the time I am done feeding Little Man and getting him in bed.
And for a second I am jealous.
Jealous that he will get to sleep before me, tired mommy.
But then I look at Little Man and realize what a sweet, sweet time we get together.
Every night.
Warrior will never get this time with Little Man. It's all mine.
And I am thankful.

I wonder if Warrior would be jealous to know that I get this special time all to myself.
That he's missing out on something much larger than sleep.

I gaze at my son, in awe of his beauty and peacefulness. I am so glad to have these moments, and I try to mark these memories into my brain. Every week, a bigger boy in my lap.

I am thankful to be his Mommy.
I am so lucky he is mine.


Unknown said...

Oh, that is the sweetest post! I really don't think that the daddys of the world realize what a special time that is or they would be fighting us tooth and nail to be able to partake in it.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely post, VDog. You warmed my heart. :)

dawn224 said...

yep. yep. Scout typically lays with us during this time. But then, thats because Alex has taken over our bed :)

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