The Day BOSSY Came to Town, Part Deux

You know it's bad when
Your sister asks why, my dear,
There's no BOSSY post?

The reason is clear
I am one lazy blogger
Five weeks since we met

BOSSY was divine
Earnest, sincere, snapping pics
So sweet and so kind

Can you see VDog
In the group line up photo
With newly brown hair?

Now it's not so dark
Since, you know, five weeks have passed?
Back to blonde, you say?

VDog is all light,
Happiness and sunshine, right?
Seeing BOSSY's hair

Live and in person
Will scare a girl off blonde hair.
How can you compete?

BOSSY's hair is fab!
The best blonde I've ever seen!
We'll see what happens.

It's Haiku Friday.

Did you see me on Bossy's blog? No? Well VDog took screen caps! W00t!

I was the photo of the day on April 13th, I believe. I got 245 hits off that photo in a few hours. Oh, the power of BOSSY. She is amazing.

Can I have any more tabs and windows open? At least you can see what I was doing that day!

The party and meeting BOSSY was truly amazing. Georgia, aka BOSSY, was so sweet, down to earth, beautiful, interested in everyone -- simply amazing.

Apparently some people thought FOR SURE I had to be a dude with a name like VDog. So I had to explain how my nickname came to be, which resulted in BOSSY's little blurb about me, "But under that hispanic rapper exterior is pure sugar." Cute, right? (Oh, YOU want to know the story? We'll save that for another day. Soon. I promise. For reals. (OH, you don't believe me?? Fair enough.) Heh.)

VDog got to ride home in BOSSY's car. Why, you ask? Because BOSSY spent the night at Casa de Cracker! VDog got to see the infamous suitcase and have BOSSY do an assessment of Casa de Cracker. BOSSY even knew where all of VDog's furniture came from...she's that damn good.

Unfortunately, the only other Cracker that BOSSY got to meet was CrackerDog Sasha, since we got back from the party at 0'dark:30, and BOSSY left promptly at ButtCrackOfDawn. (Seriously. She was here like, five hours total.)

It was a great night out for this mama. I also got to meet other really cool bloggers like CityMama, Glennia from The Silent I and MOMocrats, Techmama, CrazedParent, Andrea from Sweet Life, and some of the SVMoms. The party was hosted by the beautiful and talented Bad Kitty.

So, to recap: BOSSY is totally awesome, as are other bloggers. VDog might go back to blonde(-ish); what do her gentle readers think? VDog is promising more blog posts (at least one, heh). Will you hold her to it? (One idea: have any questions about Bossy? About our party? Leave 'em in the comments and I'll answer them.)

Have a great weekend! We'll be roasting here in Cali.


the planet of janet said...

hmmm. nice to see you back, you bossy crony, you!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, here is my question: How much did BOSSY talk about our day in New Orleans? How many times did she mention me total? And, um, what else did she say about me?


Anglophile Football Fanatic said...

Wowsa. I didn't know she laid low at your cracker casa?!! Woot for that, diva. And I LOVE the brown. Stay brown. If only to make me feel better for doing it myself.

dawn224 said...

wait till july and we can color TOGETHER!

BOSSY said...

Brown is the new Dumb Blonde. In a good way.

Anonymous said...

I love my VDog any color but blonde is my favorite (just how I met her!) oxox,

Al_Pal said...

Hooray, I inspired a post!
(& hallelujah, Haiku Friday!)

I want to hear about the BOSSY assessment of Casa de Cracker! :P

The party: What were you drinking? :D

Your hair is quite pretteh regardless of color.

Oh yeah. Roastin' the weekend away. :D

I had a great compy-free weekend, during which heat was a large factor. :P


PS I notice you have exactly 100 less posts this year than last year. (Whee, numbers!) ;p
But you *could* still beat your 2007 record, especially if you do NaBloPoMo. I can see how Little Man sleeping less is a major change in your lifestyle though! :P

Cathy said...

Okay - I want to know if someone at your Bossy party gave Bossy some type of anti-age water, or something like that. I think she said it came from LA. She waited all the way until Chicago to open it up - and then we were questioning the motive of such a gift and figured, only in LA.
Oh and blonde - it's summer!

Anonymous said...

Bossy WAS great, wasn't she!

I think blonde is fine, but dark haired wimmins have all the real fun.

Burgh Baby said...

Apparently you need a time limit for this whole "there will be another post" thing.

*tap, tap, tap*

We're waiting!

Anonymous said...

I had a bajillion hits the day that I was highlighted on Bossy's blog..I was bummed though that none of them commented.

I heart her very much and really wanted to touch her hair..I didn't though.

Deb said...

YOU are the famous VDog? Ahhh... LOL... I couldn't keep up with all those links, but I've seen your name all over the place between Bossy and the Buzz.

Anonymous said...

I have the bossy love too...I just found your blog through Immoral Matriarch. Are you on hiatus or something?

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