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There have been many times in my life that my dreams did not come true. The disappointment and heartbreak of not having things go my way would leave me so hurt, so broken, and I remember how wounded I would remain. As an adult, however, life has taught me that being lucky sometimes means things do not go your way.

When I was in high school and college, I wanted to go into International Relations. I wanted to go to law school. The jet-setting lifestyle, the traveling to the far-reaches of the Earth, and living in hotels sounded so glamorous. I was certain that International Relations was the field of study I would end up in. I finished my undergraduate study, my Master's program, and began my search for PhD programs. I found the "right" program after a trip to Seattle. It was settled. I would complete my PhD at the University of Washington.

When I arrived home from Washington, I began getting closer to my "friend," Eric. As time went on, things were becoming more serious with Eric. By Christmas, we were serious and my plans to get a PhD were put on the back burner for a while. By October, we were engaged. I was officially not moving to Seattle. By June the following year, we were married and life was good. I went to school to be a teacher and had found my niche. I loved teaching!

We were enjoying our time together as a couple. We talked about not having children. We were certain children would ruin our perfect little life. A year later, we were pregnant.

These are just a few examples that taught me that the blessing is sometimes found in the wish that does not come true. I know now that living out of a suitcase, in and out of hotels would be an incredibly lonely life for me. International Relations would be a demanding lifestyle for a married woman and I have no regrets not pursuing that career.

The luckiest thing that ever happened in my life, is that my wish to be childless did not come true. I cannot imagine what life would be like if I never became a mom. I have been so lucky that life did not happen the way I wanted it to go. I am so lucky I became a wife. I am so lucky I became a mother.

Stay-at-home mom, runner, disgruntled...Laura blogs at My Beautiful Life and lives in San Diego, California with her husband, 28 month old baby girl, two dogs, and a cat. Laura is training for another marathon in June 2008. Today, Laura is running her second race of the year--- in San Diego.

You can find more info about the Blog Exchange and how to participate, as well as the March participants and entries, by clicking here. VDog is at Laura's place today!


VDog said...

Hey everyone, welcome Laura to the Casa de Cracker, ok? And please go see what I've cooked up for the Lucky theme over at her place!



Not Afraid to Use It said...

Will go and check it out!

Isn't it amazing how sometimes what we wanted so badly for ourselves is exactly what we didn't need? I am not a big country music fan at ALL. But I remember the power of the first time I heard Garth Brooks sing "Unanswered Prayers" at my parents house one day. Those lyrics have been carried around in my heart and mind since that moment. So powerful.

Heather said...

Too true! I see evidence of this in my life too. Thank goodness things don't work out the way we wish them to sometimes!

MarĂ­a said...

Hello Laura!! Welcome! Great post!

Al_Pal said...

Welcome, Laura! Great post.
I also have a great life that does not match my expectations. ;D

V--at first, even though I read "blog exchange" in the title, I thought you might be writing. I thought, wait, law school, always? I mean, your apparent aptitude for presenting arguments is unquestioned, but...
And then I realized, this was wholly another person's writing, heh. Anyhow. Neat stuff.

Burgh Baby said...

Since I'm a total dork, blog exchanges always confuse me. But now that I've finally caught on, hi Laura! Great post.

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