Just A Reminder...

The Haiku Mama contest ends tonight at 11:59 PST. I think that was a bit unclear on my original post. Sorry about that.

Top prize is a copy of Haiku Mama (signed by VDog if ya like, heh).

Two runner-up prizes:

1 Voluspa Tuberosa Agave Travel Candle (smells SOOOO good, esp. if you like tuberose)

1 Mistral Grapefruit Red Currant Full Size Bar Soap (ditto, if you like grapefruit)

Secret Agent Mama is in the lead with Anglophile Football Fanatic hot on her trail.

Here's a hint: July only has five entries, at least two of which are song titles/references -- so send me an entry already! At least one prize left! (Who knows, maybe I'll feel generous and scrounge up some more prizes!).

So -- find post titles that are/reference song titles or lyrics. Email 'em to me: vdogblog at gmail dot com. By the end of the day. Win something. That is all. (Let me know if you have a preference of runner-up prize, or be surprised.)

Good luck!

I WILL post again someday, I swear. Some good stuff, too. Right now I'm feeling sick, blah blah blah. Love to all y'all! I'll be back in ur blog readin' ur thoughtz soon.


Jennifer said...

Okay suckas! I'm so going to kick your asses!

"Party like it's 1999" (july post)
"Me and my boo" (july post)
"I did it" (a reference to Dora the Explorer...okay, that one may be a bit of a stretch...)
I'll keep looking...

Anonymous said...

If I lose to AFF, I'll be fine with that...but I wants that Haiku Mama!! LOL

Christine said...

Just to make sure we meet at the outlets, I added you to my bloglog. Let's make it happen.

Anonymous said...

man! i've been so busy since just before Christmas that i totally forgot about this!!! crap!

Al_Pal said...

I've definitely noticed many in my course of reading the 'log, but of course I left the contest up to your bloggy friends. ;p
Love to you! Healing thoughts! ♥

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