VDog's Shreddin' Her Oakland Booty

So...two years post-partum and I actually look WORSE than two weeks post-partum. And I'm totally not kidding. I look like I'm five months pregnant, when in fact, we are trying to conceive baby #2 (allegedly).

It's no joke when I call myself LAfaceOAKbooty -- Baby Got Back, it's true. Behold:

Junk in the trunk

Yes, I am one of those rare people who's arse actually goes out from the back AND from the legs. It's amazing I ended up marrying a white guy.

This is my plan for the 30 day "Shred:"

Eat sensibly - oatmeal and fruit for breakfast, whole grain/protein/veggies for lunch and dinner. LOTS of water. Fruit for snacks, and occasional treats.

I will attempt to consume fewer alcoholic beverages. But come on, I'm French by marriage. Wine is like water. See above. Snort.

Starting tomorrow, I will follow the Level 1 Shred program, since, well, I didn't get my act in gear and the DVD arrives tomorrow (and we don't have a Comcast DVR).

Today I kicked butt around the house and completely rearranged the living room furniture (two couches, two side tables, one coffee table and one train table (believe me, I KNOW)).

My ultimate *weight loss* goal is to lose 30-35 pounds, but for right now I'm aiming for 25. NOT in a month.

My ULTIMATE goal is to live healthy, every day. Motherhood has gotten my workout/healthy mojo out of whack, and I aim to get it back.

Please join me and my other ShredHeads on this journey!

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MarĂ­a said...

Ok. Did you REALLY put a hashtag in your blog post?!?!?!?

Anonymous said...

He he he. I just went back to find the hashtag!

You go girl. I have a treadmill coming tonight. Hoping for 5 minutes a day. *snort*

Anonymous said...

Good for you! I - sadly - weigh 15 lbs MORE than I did when I left the hospital after delivering my daughter. So sad. I will say that I think your plan of starting the day with oatmeal is a good one. The time I actually stuck to that, I lost 30 lbs!

Miss said...


I for one, love yo booty. Its crackerlicious.

I'm so happy you posted though, since I linked to you last night. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I've been doing the shred for a little over a month (with the exception of one week last month when I was sick). Not every day though. I try to get 6 days in a week with Sundays off. It ain't easy but I don't feel like I'm gonna die witin the first 3 minutes anymore.

I'm only just now starting to loose weight though because I just started changing my eating habits. Before it at least helped me maintain my lovely round form. Good luck! I'm gonna join the shredheads when I get a chance to post about it.

hebba said...

GOOD FOR YOU! Best of luck with the shred. I never have problems with exercise, but I really need to adjust the eating.

Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing] said...

But I don't wannaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh...

yeah yeah... good for you... blah blah blah.

Zoeyjane said...

SO this is where I ask how long it'll be before you update us on your progress? Because me? I totally wanna try the Shred, but I don't want to lose weight, so I'm nervous aboot it. Also, can I please have some of that bootay, I could use it.

Momo Fali said...

It's the beer and wine that is my downfall. I can give up just about ANYTHING else, but come on! A girl needs a vice.

Anonymous said...

How did I miss this post? I've just started the 30 day shred too, and holy crap I am SO SORE. I'm off to check the Shredheads link!

Kelly said...

Girl I feel your pain! I'm actually down twenty from when my daughter was born, but I'm stalled at 24 remaining. I'm impressed that you posted your picture, because I am gutless! Any picture that's more than my face is saved for the kids and that's it! I'm terrible! Grow some confidence, right?

I do Weight Watchers (.com not meetings - who has time for that?) and I allow myself 12 oz. of red wine on Friday and Saturday nights. This allows for a happy weekend! (Only a total of 8 ww points, so I just plan for it!) Lady loves the grape! (Does your French husband laugh at Trader Joe's wine? It's only $3...) :)

Kelly said...

GEEZ PunkyBean (AKA Kelly) write a book why don't you!

Carolee Hollenback said...

Don't feel bad about the train table- I had a pool table in the middle of my livingroom for a while!

BTW, beer & wine is good!

Anonymous said...

I wish my butt looked like yours. For serious!

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