Something So Small

Over Thanksgiving, Warrior, Little Man and I went on an unplugged vacation. We were out where the stars shine bright and the milky way is indeed, milky. There was no cell phone reception (NO iPhone!! ACK!) and no internet at the home we stayed in.

Here is a collection of random thoughts I would have Twittered (maybe) had I been able to Twitter. Enjoy:

(Thanksgiving Day 2008)

Waffles, coffee (baba)

Chill out.
Into town for Groceries.
Choo-choo train in store.
Dropped groceries.
Went to water to walk on bluffs.
Back for lunch.
Titi nap (that's the Little Man's nickname)

Mom & Dad cleanup & bird prep

Drinking hot chocolate out of a bowl, because the mugs here are SO TINY!! While Warrior does the dishes.


This is definitely a Cracker house.


SCORE! Brand new Herbes de Provence in the spice rack!

A FOX!! So awesome! (In the yard.)

(Even later)


"My pants are going nowhere." -Jack Johnson

GLove is SO HOTT

We need an HD sound system.

These thoughts are embarrassing.

(Later still)

On Myopia
Alt. On Being Myopic

The Art of Unplugging
Alt. On Unplugging
[ideas for guest post for ZoeyJane]

~ ~ ~
Random enough for you?


Miss said...

I'll take your random any day sweets! MUAH!

Al_Pal said...

Hee, awesome, FTW. Very cool to see!

Anonymous said...

What do ya mean Twitter...why are you over there? Don't you love us no more?

Anonymous said...

My pants go nowhere either. Mine (and yours?) and Jack's should all go somewhere together. That would be fun.

the planet of janet said...

wow. that is ... um ... random!

Zoeyjane said...

I'm still totally waiting on that guest post. Achem. I wish my fridge smelled like turkey. All I've got is carrots and broccoli scent goin' down.

Anonymous said...

I was giddy when I saw you in my reader.. love your random.. :)

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's good to be away from it all. We kind of were, kind of weren't on our trip since we had the iPhone. I love that you twittered on paper. You rock.

Anonymous said...

good for you guys to have gotten away from it all. it does you a world of good.

love the pad of paper you wrote this stuff on that says 'cause i'm the mom'

where did you get it? want one!

Anonymous said...

I totally need to unplug....I' WAY too plugged. That's going to be on my New Year's list.

Maternal Mirth said...

G Love is sooooo hot!

The Muse said...

LOL...I was in blogland and found you...!
I am all about the randomness of life...!
And the "refrig smelling like turkey"...I had to laugh...LOL so did ours!

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