We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled *BlogHer Recap* Programming For A Mommyblog RANT

Oh Little Man, Little Man, Little Man.

You wouldn't be so tired if you hadn't gotten up so early. Just sayin'.

Why, oh WHYYYEEEEE must you wake up at five-forteeeeeee????? I do not understand you, son. I put you to bed, well scratch that, your Father put you to bed at seven the last two nights.

Wednesday morning?? You don't get up until SEVEN-FIFTY. This morning? Up at five-farking-forty.

I just don't get you, kid.

CONSISTENCY!! Consistency, dammit!! That's what Mama needs! That what Mama wants!

I've been giving you consistency -- don't you think I deserve some in return?? Please?? Pretty please with Vanilla Crunchin' Blocks on top?? No?

Ah, well. I still love ya kid.

/end RANT.

Oh yeah, it was my Blogiversary yesterday. Mah baybee is One! Whaaaa! *sniff* *sniff*


Burgh Baby said...

Alexis has started waking up while I'm in the shower in the morning. Nothing says FABULOUS DAY like a toddler standing in the bathroom, holding the shower curtain wide open so the air conditioning can blow into many unprotected nether regions, and asking, "Whatcha doin, Momma?" Oh, if only she would sleep just ten more minutes.

Happy blogiversary, btw!

Christine said...

5:40? BRUTAL.

Love his haircut!

Erica said...

It is only because they are so soft and beautiful and they smell like heaven sprinkled with angel eyelashes that we do not drop kick them at that hour. My first thought *every day* for about 7 years was "Please god, make him/her go back to sleep. Please, please, please, please, please." Lord help us.
He really is lovely, BTW. So there is that.

Anonymous said...

Though sometimes my ears do not work. At least that is what I say when I hear my youngest waking up before the sun has said hello.


Anglophile Football Fanatic said...

Was he wearing that set of jammies? That's too hot for the summer. Let him air out is parts. Do short sets. Maybe more sleep?

Rachel said...

Happy Blogversary! Consistency, what the hell is that? Kids don't do consistency for more than a day and then they laugh and change it all up again. Demons.

Anonymous said...

He's in cahoots with Ella.

lattemommy said...

Jr. goes through that phase periodically, where he gets up at 5:00 am several days in a row. It usually coincides with teething. Thankfully we're almost done with baby teeth. Almost.

Hope you get some sleep!!!!

Anonymous said...

Mine is absolutely consistent. No matter what time I put him down he's up at 6 AM. Every freaking morning.

Once he has you conditioned to getting up early he'll start sleeping in just to mess with your schedule.

Zoeyjane said...

Isobel rarely has had to get up super early, but makes up for that by being up for several hours, some nights, about half an hour after I've fallen asleep.

I feel for ya. I really do. But have to rub it in that you've just double jinxed yourself and now he'll wake up at 5:12 tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I dont think I have ever seen the world at five farkin forty, so let me gives ya a tip or two.....dont put Little Man to bed at 7pm! If you keep him up later he will sleep later, and who cares if all other proper mothers think I (I mean u) are insane. While they are ranting, us two fellow crackers will be snoozin'!!! Happy blogaversary! C ya soon, Misty

Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing] said...

And so, my little rant: DAMN KIDS.

Karen said...

I feel your pain, and have no soothing balm. Our 5 year old still does stupid stuff like that. What ails these kids?!

Anonymous said...

he he he. And in 10-15 years you will be BEGGING him to get the hell out of bed before midday...

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