VDog Needs Your Help!

So you all know I'm going to BlogHer, right? I know, I know, lucky biatch. Don't worry, I'll name drop all of yous to the big-ups. If they'll actually talk to me, that is.

Here's the thing: we're supposed to have a one sentence description of our blogs at the ready, which will be repeated OVER and OVER, oh about a thousand times. And I have no clue what to say.

I NEED YOUR HELP!! You all know the blog. You know I'm a Cracker, that I take a lot of photos, and occasionally -- very occasionally -- write something brilliant. How do I describe all this?

Come up with one line (a run-on maybe?) about my blog and leave it in the comments. THERE WILL BE PRIZES!! The lines that I actually end up using will be awarded with some kind of small gift, directly from VDog (as yet to be determined; leave with your sentence what kind of stuff you like -- girly, food, coffee, personal note/picture from us, etc.). All participants will receive a thank you note and a VDog & Little Man business card (assuming I have some left over at the end of the weekend).

Thank you all SO much in advance! I lurves you all! I'll be twittering, plurking and hopefully blogging the experience, so stay tuned!



Anonymous said...

Vdog and Little Man: Where a Crakah from Cali learns how to crash into motherhood.

Cathy said...

Oh that's hard! I'll be thinking about it all day...let you know later if I come up with something.

Zoeyjane said...

Oh Mai Effing Gawd, I have no clue. I could some up with taglines all damn day, but a one-sentence description? I've got nothing.

LVGurl said...

Hows about...

"I am a fantastic person and I have a ridiculously darling AND edible little boy."

That sums it up for me.

Things I like: Little Man, Starbucks, your house, tootsie rolls. (Any chance I can win your house if you use part of my one-sentence?)

Anonymous said...

I am at a loss. Everything I wanna say is something that you would be too humble to say, like:

Hawt. Damn Hawt.

Friend of the little people, the uninspired and the unfortunate looking.

Biatch with 'tude.

Al_Pal said...

I actually like the "Hawt. Damn Hawt."

Hope you feel good about what ever you came up with! :P

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