A little lost...

Sorry if you came here looking for VDog. I'm assuming she's still riding the high that is BlogHer. I'm even sorrier if you came here looking for some adorable photos of Little Man. I don't have any of those. And my kid isn't as cute. See?

Now that I've established that I am not VDog and don't have as cute a kid as her, I'll introduce myself. I'm Miss. VDog asked me to guest post for her out of guilt.

See, when all these bloggers that I totally love up and ran off to BlogHer, I'll admit I was jealous. I live a short 7 hours from San Francisco and I just couldn't make it up there. Blame that weird kid up there. I do it all the time.

So I'm sitting at home, drinking away my sorrows, and I just happen to mention that none of those BlogHer b*tches asked ME to post. Less than an hour later, I got double booked to guest post.

Here's the lesson folks. Whining PAYS OFF. I'm such a big cry baby but I can also be charming I guess. So I cry, throw a tantrum, whine my big butt off, and here I am. You TOO can be successful at this. Just look for the right opportunity.

Oh and? I got to talk to VDog on the phone Friday night. Try not to be jealous. Wait, you aren't? Ok then... I also got to talk to Maria, OhMommy, and Mr. Lady.... all because I whined to BusyDad to call me when he got there. Jealous now?? It was the next best thing to being there.

Thanks for giving me the keys to your pad VDog... I totally did NOT make that stain on the carpet over there by the lamp.


Ashley said...

Dood. Lucky! I didn't get asked to guest post OR any awesome phone calls. Ah pbbttt.

Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing] said...

Does it take guest bloggers to get V to actually post? GAH.

VDog said...

Great guest post!!

Thanks so much, Miss!

I will be coming down from my high tomorrow. I hope.

Will try to get some weekly winners up a bit later.


Amy said...

Liar. I saw you leave the stain.

Al_Pal said...

Hee! Fun guest post. Good times. :D

Zoeyjane said...

Note to self: start whining more. It gets you drunk dialed.

OHmommy said...

i love your voice

Karen MEG said...

I need to take some lessons from my 8 year old.

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