Weekly Winners, Last Week of June

My favorite, not even snapped by me


Angel Baby

Hairy Baby

Little Man's hair was just fantastic this week:

I learned how to photograph food! (Maybe.)

Check out the extended remix here.


Lotus (Sarcastic Mom) said...




Gabriel said...

Great pictures. He's a very beautiful child!

Thanks for dropping by!

Anonymous said...

Aw, what a cutie pie! I love the first picture, too.

Please tell us more about the salad! Looks like yumminess!

Unknown said...

What a beautiful child! I can see why that first one is your favourite, it's stunning!

Anonymous said...

He is changing so much, right before our very eyes. I swear if you ever disappear and stop showing us pics I will hunt. you. like. rabid. dog. Then I will proceed to kiss you and LM!! LOL

Anonymous said...

He is a cherub.
The furry baby is cute too.
The food looks delish.

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

He is beautiful. I love that first shot too. Your fur baby looks just like mine.

Cathy said...

Last week of June!? oh my god.

He is adorable - are you getting sick of me saying that every week?

Love that first shot - is that your foot in the air? So fun! Also - his curls are beautiful!

Rebecca (Ramblings by Reba) said...

He is just adorable. And your "about me" section cracks me up in a good way every time I read it.

Karen Coutu said...

That's just the sweetest smile in the 4th photo!!

Anonymous said...

The first one is my favorite too.

He's adorable...and I'm so jealous of his curls!

the planet of janet said...

cute cute cute cute cute!!!

his curls are amazing!

Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing] said...

I'm totally stealing SM:

~Amber~ said...

That child is gorgeous!

VDog said...

First off, thanks everybody! I think he's pretty cute myself, and he's my favorite subject. :D

The first shot was taken by Warrior while the Little Man and I played "airplane." Yes, that's my foot in the air. Nice pedi, no?

The salad was a what-I-have-to-use creation.
-Baby greens + butter lettuce & raddichio mix (would have used all that if I had enough)
-Leftover grilled pollo asado chicken (from Trader Joe's, but you can also make your own)
-Ruby red grapefruit wedges
-Artufalo mango and avacado salsa, w/ chopped onion, jalapeno, cilantro, basil, lime juice, S&P, rice vinegar (just a little bit)
-Rice wine vinaigrette (I always make my own vinaigrettes - olive oil, vinegar, S&P, dijon mustard, crushed garlic optional.

I've been taking pictures of my food lately since we're trying out the Weight Watchers Core program to live more healthfully.
This was the first photo I was happy with.

Thanks for stopping by everyone!

Elissa L. said...

what a cute kid you have there! And those curls. You just can't go wrong with curly hair!

Anonymous said...

Great to hear what's in the salad! You know I love the food picture thing, and every one I've posted in my Weekly Winners the past many weeks is relatively diet friendly and also links to a recipe. I think if I keep looking at the pictures I feel inspired to keep eating better (I need all the help I can get), and something like that salad is going on my list! :)

Anonymous said...

LM is so cute & angelic all @ the same time! All the pics are great this week~there's no way to pick a fave though!

Texasholly said...

Oh his curls. Sweet, sweet curls. That first picture is just amazing. What a cutie.

MarĂ­a said...

Look @ those curls! So fucking cute!! Can I say fucking here? No? Sorry.

Unknown said...

Sweet baby... sometimes I wish... NOPE... wouldn't go there again.. my baby is 20!!!! Congrats on the lightning T-shirt.... would love to be kept upto date on the progress! Christina

Anonymous said...

I want to boing! those curls something fierce. Do you know how adorable they are? Such a sweetie.

Al_Pal said...

I like the word creation gonig on here!

I say: Adorablicious! :D

So much the cute! Salad looks Nom, too. ;D

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