Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

This has been a long time coming and I apologize for my complete and total lack of timely gratitude.

What seems like forever ago I told you about our March Of Dimes Walk for Babies. I put up a button in the sidebar and even got some of my friends to do the same.

These wonderful ladies donated their hard earned money to our team:

ImpostorMom (The first to donate to our team! w00t! Before our families even!)


Anglophile Football Fanatic

(Did I miss anyone? Please let me know and I'll add you to the list.)

A wonderful woman named Shonda gave $280 to our team and we have *no* idea who she is. So thank you Shonda.

And thank you to all of you who gave money and supported our team by publicizing our team and cause.

It is still my hope that one day all babies can come home from the hospital, healthy, with their mamas. Until that day, we walk, and we support the March of Dimes.

By the way, the walk went very well. Our friends got to speak before the walk about their 27-week miracle, Aidan. Once on stage, Aidan ("The Big Guy") saw the Little Man in the crowd and they both started squealing, and Aidan waved at the Little Man! It was so cute!


Anonymous said...

It was my pleasure to put up the button! Glad the walk went well. Next year my MOD donation will go towards your walk!!

Manager Mom said...

Oh.. I missed your call for donations this year, but I am DEF in next time. My daughter was a 34-weeker after I had a partial abruption at 33. She spent a week in the NICU. No lasting effects, luckily but my fervent hope is that nobody else has to go through all that...

MarĂ­a said...

Wooo! And Wooo Shonda!

Anonymous said...


Sorry to be mysterious. I'm a friend of Dawn's and saw your button on her blog (www.kaiseralex.com).

Very glad to hear the drive and the walk both went well.

(aka "Red")

Al_Pal said...

That is such a sweet story of the little Dudes waving across the crowd! XD


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