13 Things I Love About 13 Months

For my second Thursday Thirteen ever, I give you Thirteen Things I Love About Little Man Being Thirteen Months Old:

1. He can communicate better. He knows how to sign for nurse, eat, all done and dog. He also barks like a dog, says, "MMMMmmmmm" when he sees a food he likes/wants, and grunts/complains when something isn't to his liking.

2. He still rests his head on my chest and sucks his thumb when he's tired and/or just needs mommy. I love this and soak up every second I can get.

3. It's cute to see him cruising around. All of his age-appropriate (not corrected age) accomplishments truly amaze me.

4. Cruising means SHOES!! Which means shopping for Little Man.

5. His hair is long and super cute:

Hair! from VDog on Vimeo.

6. He is nursing less. While I love the comforting magic and super powers of the boobs, we were still nursing 8-12 times a day at nine months. Now, we're at probably 6 times a day, with "magical quick nips" here and there. It is RARE that we nurse less than 6 times a day.

7. He can actually play with Sasha (harasses her is more like it) and generally LOVES dogs. He has a love affair with the Norwich Terrier puppy across the street (Hector), and grins, giggles, and squishes up his face when Hector tries to kiss him. Little Man also uses his arm in a "get off me!" kind of way when Hector is getting all up in his grill, which is SUPER CUTE.

Doggy Time from VDog on Vimeo.

8. He now studies things with his eyes and hands/fingers instead of his mouth. This means I can give him my cell phone (oooh...craaaack) without worrying about him flooding the motherboard with drool.

9. He is now in LOOOOOVE with his Daddy.

10. He now has the cutest toothy smile (8 teeth so far!).

11. He can now eat cheese and yogurt!

12. And drink from a sippy cup!! Woot!

13. He's not a baby, not quite a toddler. Totally cute! I'm holding on to the last semblances of babyhood.


dawn224 said...

wth - I go away and you POST all week?!

send me the html, I'll post it.

Anonymous said...

This is such a sweet post!

I always think my girls look so "old" at various stages in their development... then I look back at pictures and think, "AWE! They were so little and baby-like!" I'm here to say that until they hit four, they still have some babyish qualities :D

Anonymous said...

Watch out - I'm coming to squeeeeeeze him.

MarĂ­a said...

Girl, I'm still holding on to Goobie's babyhood and she's 28 months!!

Maternal Mirth said...

I love that age: still a baby, not yet a toddler. Moosh him now, they do get older and FAST :(

Anonymous said...

Oh 13 months is fun!

There's lots to look forward to also, just hope it doesn't all come too fast!

Anonymous said...

How'd I miss this? I love the sasha/lm one!

Oh, and gentle? We still haven't learned that one at 3.

Cathy said...

Great list!

Al_Pal said...

Hair video: Cuuuute!
Sasha video: OMG, crack me up! Totally laughing. Poor Sashie. ;p

Great list.

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