Because I Haven't Posted A Video In Approximately 3.7 Days

Sippy! from VDog on Vimeo.

Little Man has started "fake" eating and drinking, which is super cute. He pulls food out of the air, or an empty paper bag, and pretends to put it in his mouth. It really is one of the cutest things I've ever seen. Problem is that he does it when he thinks no one is watching -- when he's just off in space cadet land by himself. So once he notices me watching him, he gets kinda shy. Thus, no video of that -- yet.

I've been working on getting Little Man to take a sippy cup from about four months on. He has always regarded it as something to play with and chew on. Now that he is "drinking" from paper cups in the bath tub (actually he does get some bath water some of the time), and generally mimicking our eating and drinking behavior, he has finally learned how to use the sippy like a normal baby. And for that I am grateful.

In other news, we have started daytime weaning much by default. A few "Dad"urdays (Saturdays) with Warrior off and on have made Little Man less intense about the boob during the day.
Little Man has even gone down for a nap two Saturdays in a row without nursing first. (Totally unbelievable to me!) This past Saturday, I was even there with him, and he just didn't want to nurse. Before OR after his nap. I was SHOCKED!

That's the news from our neck of the woods! Hope you all are well and thriving.


dawn224 said...

he's a riot!

Al_Pal said...

So much with the cute! ;D
Completely made of adorable! ;D

Anonymous said...

My 9 mos old seems so uninterested in the boobie. Makes me sad!

He's such a ham for the camera!

Anonymous said...

AWESOME DUDE!! Way to go little man! The Big Guy can't even lift his that high, maybe you can show him a thing or two huh? Also, good job on the boobie or lack there of. I know it's made hanging with mommy a little bit easier and i thank you for it. We've been having a blast with y'all. love you

herself said...

WOW great for you guys! I am inspired to start trying harder to let Francis nap sans boob... yikes just thinking about it I can hear the indignant screams. And I think some are from Daddy, who ususally ends up walking baby endlessly to put him to sleep if he doesn't nurse. ;-)

Mr Lady said...

Totally happy for you and sad for you all at the same time!

Good luck weaning!

Cathy said...

Ohhh...I won't even want to think about weaning Liam. Quinn gave it up at 10 months, his choice. I'm hoping Liam sticks it out for awhile longer...I know I'm going to cry when it's all said and done.

Lawyer Mama said...

OH that is ADORABLE! My Holden started to cut back on the boob at about 9 months. It's bittersweet.

Anonymous said...

Oh, he is a smarty. baby O isn't anywhere NEAR this stage. Come over and teach mine, please? :-)

Candace said...

i love the fake eating thing!!

Christie said...

Um, but the boobs have magical powers. If I can't count on them to pacify/satisfy/occupy the little beast what have I got to fall back on...parenting skills? I'm doomed.

We've been videoing Monsieur Henry lately a lot, too. It's just fun when they are doing lots of things. Good luck catching the fake eating. Can't wait to see it.

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