Haiku Ouch! That Hurts Mama!

Running his fingers
Over my chest. Gentle, please!
A price for closeness ~

Bruises on my breasts
Little Man scratching, pinching
Oh boy does it hurt.

Domestic violence*
Of the infantile manner
Baby harms Mama.

It's Haiku Friday!

*I realize some of you may say vi-o-lence, but to me, violence (viol-ence, no "o" sound) is a two syllable word.


Unknown said...

Hah. Thanks for the syllable clarification. Must sacrifice the language for the sake of the 'ku!

I'm sorry he's none too gentle. That really sucks. Is weaning nearing??

Anonymous said...

oh man, my boys are still doing stuff like that. for some reason they are obsessed with mommy's boobs, and the are the complete opposite if gentle. once Logan tried to use my nipple to pull himself up onto the couch with me....ummm...OUCH!

the planet of janet said...


and as for the syllable count, i had trouble once with different ... so went with "diff'rent." heh. it solved the problem ;-)

dawn224 said...

I know what you mean - I have tiny little nips all over my girls. It gets better week by week though. I was eating lunch with someone today who suddenly slammed her fist into the table - she'd been bitten and it was way better to smack the table than the baby. :)

Al_Pal said...


The only time I say vi o lence is when I'm singing along to "Daughter" by Pearl Jam. :P

[which is, of course, both vi o lence and vi o lins] ;D

Patois42 said...

That's great. I mean the ku series, not the actual harming of a poor mama! (And, for the record, I've never heard "violence" as a three-syllable word.)

Cathy said...

Oh gosh...Liam scratches me up as well.
No teeth yet, but he's chewed down on me which hurt like h-e-double hocky sticks. I don't even want to think about that with teeth in his mouth..
I like the clarification of violence, which, by the way, I've only said with two syllables.

Anonymous said...

My son still likes to pluck my hair out with his teeth when I give him a shoulder ride, and I shave my head, so this activity requires much scraping of teeth (and pain to endure). Yeah, he's 5. No, he won't stop.


Kayris said...

The girl bit me once and it hurt so bad I cried. Not long after that, I had to wean her, and while I was sad about it, it was nice to no longer be used as a chew toy.

The Milk Maid said...

Happy birthday V-Dog! (Saw your mention on Jennifer the binky bitch's blog, I swear I dont even have the time to stalk anyone!)


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