Commenting Linky Love Back Up? Woot!

There's been some serious Blogger hating goin' round the Internets lately (more than usual, HA!), and I was in on it, too. It was seriously annoying that my friends on WordPress and TypePad, among others, could no longer leave their direct link (to their blog) in the comments anymore.

Well, Blogger's gone and fixed it. From the Blogger Blog:

The "Other" URL field

Right now, the only way to add a URL to your name when commenting is to sign your comment with OpenID. We apologize for removing the URL field from the comments form prematurely two weeks ago. That was a mistake on our part that came from launching OpenID support on Blogger in draft.

Ironically, our testing of OpenID, a feature that lets you use accounts from all over the web to comment on Blogger, made it appear that we were trying to force you into getting a Google Account. We regret this appearance, since we're strong supporters of OpenID and open web standards in general.

If you haven't set up OpenID, you can still link to your blog — or any webpage, for that matter — by using the standard < a > tag inside the comment form.

Now this doesn't fix other problems with Blogger, but it's one small victory (where there shouldn't have been a fight at all).

I find the defense that they weren't "trying to force you into getting a Google Account" a little weak (Google world domination is coming!!), because they could have just put off the change for the two weeks that it took to work the bugs out, and no one would have been all up in arms over this.

Anyway, I'm glad to see that ALL of my friends are welcome to comment here freely now.

What do YOU think of all this? World domination or minor oversight?? Hmm, hmm???


dawn224 said...

World domination. Tewtally :)

I guess I should get around to loggin in with my wp login. Hm. But I'm not sure I want world domination to have access to my wp information. Not sure how that works.

Kathy said...

The problem is that many of my readers (new and existing) may not know how to go about creating an OpenID account AND making it link to their own blogs. Commenters can be a fickle bunch. If you make them jump through hoops, they won't comment and they certainly won't come back. This is why I've just moved to WordPress.

Al_Pal said...

World Dom? Maybe. At least they are benevolent. :P

Anonymous said...

Google's entire handling of this is so hamhanded for a large corporation such as them. The lack of communication before and after is horrible for company of their size.

Anonymous said...

Can't Truss It!!

I have 2 google emails but my blog friends don't know me by them, so that would be kind of pointless. I don't even get this Open ID thing. Trying it now. How does it look?

(OK, after submitting it twice, nothing happened. Going back to a no link comment... grrr.)


Jennifer said...

I still completely lost...off to GOOGLE Open ID...

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