My First Thursday Thirteen

You know it's getting bad when I'm resorting to new theme posts when we're only a week into NaBloPoMo.

I present to you a random list of stuff for my first outing:

1) I was awarded another Egel Award by the man himself, Bradley Egel. Whoopee!

I award it to:


ramblings from an a.d.d. "type b"

Tattoos & Drool

(I know there were more, I will add them later.)

2) Mr. Egel has a thought provoking post up today about the Presidential Election. Many opinions weighing in in the comments section. Check it out.

3) The number of nights in a row I have been up and down, up and down with the Little Man. Sometimes he manages to sleep only thirty minutes at a time. Blame him for my late post today.

4) I have joined a Moms & Babies Meet-up group, because, really, I don't have enough to do already. HA! #7 also joined the group, so that's awesome, and one other mom from my Mom's Group is in it, too. The other ladies I've met are super cool so far, so it will be nice to have people to see and places to go once it starts raining.

5) I'm having "one of those days" today. I'm just so unmotivated to do anything, and everything I do manage to do ends up turning out wrong. Is Friday here yet?

6) Did you know that Mighty Goods now has an offshoot called Mighty Junior? Yeah, me neither.

7) Have you ever read The Pioneer Woman Cooks? It is an absolutely beautiful blog -- her pictures are so delicious. (This link is specifically posted for the GranCracker.) Dawn introduced me to this blog.

8) How about the Fabulous Mrs. Fussypants? We don't have much in common, what with her being Christian, Southern, and Republican, but we ARE both fabulous and hilarious. (HA!) She is WAY more fabulous and hilarious, but I've got room to grow. Have you seen this post of hers? Pure safety genius.

9) Did you know that Earth's Best Infant "Whole Grain Wheat Semolina Pastina" is really just a creative way for you to spend more money on whole wheat couscous? You can thank me later. (Little Man didn't even like it.)

10) If you can't get the package open yourself, you shouldn't eat the cookies. (Damn Newman's Own Champion Chip Cookies! Dairy-free, though! Woot!)

11) #3 just complained to me that he's "been crashing hella early...was in bed at 8:20pm last night...slept till 9am." Oh, WHAAAA. Cry me a frickin' river.

12) "The Bro" (Warrior's brother) is here in Cali for training in a new techy thing. He got in on Sunday and will stay until next Sunday. He is staying with us and we are doin' it up like old times (his job transferred him & his family away from us four years ago). Little Man is still trying to figure it out.

13) We apparently need to get a "pipe spy" to see if we have tree roots growing in our sewer line. I don't even want to get into how we found this out. Heh.

So, totally random, right? Did you enjoy this randomness? Should I do it ever again? Or just post a picture of Little Man if this is the other option? LOL.

Thank you to all of you who have left comments here and on the Buzz, IMmed, Twittered or emailed wondering how Little Man is doing. His fever is back (not sure actually if it ever went away) and he is miserable, poor cutie. There will be a Haiku about snot tomorrow. I know you're looking forward to that. Heh.

Of course I will keep you updated as to his condition.


Unknown said...

This random post was very good, V. <3

Mrs. Fussy Fussypants said...

AW Shucks! Thanks Homie!

What? We DON'T have alot in common? Who says? :)

Cynthia said...

Way to bust out a Thursday Thirteen!

justmylife said...

Loved the radom thoughts theme and I hope Little Man feels better. Really wanting to hear the lovely Haiku about snot!!!

Heidi Hyde said...

Congrats on your egel award! You totally deserve it.

Looking forward to the snot-ku.


Anonymous said...

Nice TT!! I'm not talking about your boobies, either!!

Al_Pal said...

Random is good. ;D
I enjoyed.

re:6--I'd never even heard of Mighty Goods. Looks pretty cool tho.

re: 12-- Oh yeah, oh yeah! ;D

I can just see Little Man like, "hmm, this guy looks kinda like my daddy, but..."

13--oh dear. ;(

♥ ♥ ♥

Anonymous said...

Sounds like some rough nights. Hope that passes soon.

dawn224 said...

woot woot! P-dub is my favorite cook on the net!

The Egel Nest said...

V for Vendetta -

When you call me Mr. Egel..I feel so old...but since I AM old...it is okay...thanks for mentioning me in #1 and #2

The Egel Nest

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