Haiku Sickness

My poor Little Man
What am I going to do?
How can I help you?

Nursing is so hard
Up all hours of the night
Hard to breathe and suck

Snot out the wazoo
Running, running, running. DRIP!
Down your nose, now mouth

Past your lips, to chin
I want to wipe it all up
You scream if I do

Feel so bad for you
We will have to wait it out
Cold meds are no good

Bad for you, your heart
So you will have to suffer
This season of snot.

It's Haiku Friday.

The meds seem to be kicking in, ear pulling is waning, fever appears to be gone, and he SLEPT!! The boy SLEPT!! For hours at a time!! Happy Day! I think it did him a world of good. And Mama, too. Things are looking up at Casa de Cracker. I think Little Man is on the mend. Whoopee!


the planet of janet said...

awww, poor little guy!

it's so sad when they suffer from snot.

Heidi Hyde said...

Oh thank god for sleep!! Hooray.


Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about LM and you! (((HUGS)))

justmylife said...


Matter Of Fact Mommy said...

love your blog... love the breastfeeding haikus. awesome.

Mary said...

Not sure how I found your blog but my little guy is fighting ear infections this week too :( It's no fun at all. We're on prescription no. 2. First one didn't work. Good luck and hope he's better this weekend :)

Toni said...

The Conqueror is ill, too. He still is NOT sleeping, tho. Is a virus or maybe asthma, ped said. Great! Fingers crossed both are better soon... Sleep well, Little Man and VDog! (:

Anonymous said...

oh poor little man
i feel for you and mama
hope to see you soon

big guy misses you
can't wait to play again soon
hope tonight goes well

hang in there vdog
you are an awesome mama
keep up the good work

dawn224 said...

oh hooray. Colds suck, I feel your pain.

Unknown said...

I'm glad the drugs are kicking in for you. Poor LM. Sleep for mom, buddy!

Patois42 said...

Glad he's rounded the bend. Lovely series.

Rachel said...

Poor little man! Glad he finally got some sleep. I hope the meds continue to work and you both see complete relief soon!!!

Cynthia said...

My Little Man is on the mend as well...Yeah!

Serina Hope said...

Oh the agony of sick babies.
Turns out mine has DOUBLE ear infections. I hate the season of sickness.

Mommin' It Up! said...

I am glad things are looking UP!! I tagged you when you are up to it. xo

Anonymous said...

Love the haikus -- I feel for your plight though... mine began today. At least my son is old enough to walk himself to the bathroom to throw up these days.

Al_Pal said...

Great haikus. I had thought that I'd commented, but then saw that the link was a different color.
Love you!!!

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