Poetic Last Day of the Week

Haiku Friday

All week I have thoughts
Of great haikus to write up
What happened to them?


I should be sleeping
On the Internet instead
Damn. When will I learn?


Video gaming
Husband is preoccupied
Writing about him


Anonymous said...

Is your hubby still playing Halo? Mine got turned on to it, but I think it's an older version for the pc. I've been going to bed earliers; it feels good!

Unknown said...

You've got a gamer, too? Yes. It's lovely when you are replaced by a machine...oh, wait! He thinks the blog has replaced him, too!!

Toni said...

Great haiku!

Blue Momma said...

I can so relate to the one about sleep. I now think I've slept in if I get six hours a night!

Cynthia said...

I say it every week, you haiku folks are so clever!

the planet of janet said...

very good!

my husband isnt into video games but free cell has taken over his life.

Serina Hope said...

Two and three are so my house. Great job!

Heidi Hyde said...

Well done V.


Anonymous said...

I hear what you're saying about the 'should be sleeping' thing.
I'm feeling it this morning...

Anonymous said...

greate haiku! i was up late too...i posted my haiku at like 1:30am!

i have ideas for my haiku during the week too...sometimes i start a post and write them out, and then save them as a draft. then, come Friday, i just edit them, change the date and publish!

Jennifer said...

I thank jeebus everyday that my husband couldn't care less about video games!!!

Steph said...

Hubbys and video games is BAD! I do the whole "should be sleeping, but am on the computer" thing too.

Marty, a.k.a. canape said...

Heh. My husband only likes video games he can beat me in. Like golf. Which I don't count anyway.

Great haiku!

Al_Pal said...

Nifteh. I compute
way too much. You probably
already know that.


I actually wrote that, then realized I could turn it into a haiku--woot!

BOSSY said...

That first Haiku rocks
Bossy laughed until she peed
And now she must change

Patois42 said...

Oh, how I wish it was gaming he was into and not the damn Red Devils (Manchester United).

Sarah said...

I love these haikus.
The second, it's a riot!
Impressive, your skill.

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