Dear Aggro Prius Driver

Dear Aggro Prius Driver,

I will not drive faster simply because you are tailgaiting me.

When I approach the traffic circle and it says to "Yield," I will not speed in front of the oncoming traffic simply because you give me a meager honk.

When I reach the other side of the circle and stop for the pedestrians in the cross walk, I will not run them over simply because you have added an exaggerated arm-and-head shaking maneuver to your meager honk.

I thank you for enjoying my arm-and-head shaking response, which I clearly displayed for you in my driver's side mirror.

I also thank you for sheepishly backing off once you realized the error of your ways.

I still think you're a jabroni.



dawn224 said...

Jabroni .... Nice!

Al_Pal said...

*giggle* ;s and *smirk*

Cynthia said...

Bad Prius driver:(

CableGirl said...

Wow, how counter intuitive! I'd never think of a Prius driver being so aggro... and what's with the tailgating thing?

I should say that I drive a Prius and one of the things I love about it is the liberating feeling about not having to drive aggro. Be green, man, be green.

Special K ~Toni said...

I think I'll use jabroni for now on! I had a Hummer like this last week! Argh!

Jennifer said...

I never, ever heard jabroni before! It may be my new word!

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