All Worked Up

This is what I wrote yesterday on my Cre8Buzz blog:

We are off to the GI doctor where he can tell me how horrible of a mother I am for not feeding my son enough (seriously). I'm afraid he hasn't gained enough weight for the doc to give me a good review.

I am beginning to HATE this doctor. I feed Little Man WAY more often than any of my friends. I can't force him to eat more. He will just bite my nipple. Grr.

He also eats 4oz three times a day of solids, pretty good, no? Can't force him to eat more in this regard either.

To learn why we are going to the GI, go to my blog and hit the label, "elimination diet."

This concludes my rant. Thanks for listening. Suggestions and empathy welcome.


I was much relieved when our visit went way more smoothly than I was anticipating. I had worked myself up into a nice frothy frenzy, only to defend myself haphazardly to an unimpressed audience. I felt like a tool crazy person.The nurse practitioner that works in conjunction with the Doctor even said, "you're doing a great job." The Doctor, not so much. I think he knows I'm not fond of him, and he thinks I'm some crazy hippie nut job. Which maybe I am. But seriously....

Doctor H. did NOT win any points with me on a previous visit by saying, "I know you don't like medications." I had NEVER said anything like that to him, so I was very surprised to hear that statement. He motored along with his spiel before I could defend myself, and our relationship has been downhill ever since.

What I didn't like, and where he probably got the idea that I was super-crunchy granola girl, was the 57% CORN SYRUP hypo-allergenic formula he was peddling to me as THE answer to the Little Man's problems. Little Man wouldn't take it, of course, so our only course of action was to try to continue my elimination diet and the breastfeeding and hope for the best. Luckily, it worked.

I was worried that Doctor H. would get all up in my grill about Munchie's weight gain because he had previously done so. Munchie came off his Zantac (for acid reflux) at six months because a lot of babies will outgrow their GERD at that point.

Not Munchie. Off the medicine, he proceeded to spew forth meal upon meal, and coupled with his increasing activity level (the boy won't stop!) and the fact that we were waiting to get the okay to start solids from Doctor H., Munchie barely gained any weight. So when we saw Doctor H. at six and a half months, Doctor H. assumed I wasn't feeding Munchie, and was really negative and condescending towards me. It was AWFUL.

So, the point of this story is to say, "Wow! I made it through the appointment without crying or getting all aggro on the Doctor! Woohoo!"

And the really good news:

We don't have to go back to see Doctor H. for two months! (He had been making us come every month.)

I get to add back SOY!! WooFREAKIN'hoo! Doctor H. even said we needed to be more aggresive with what we are adding back to my diet. I was assuming we would add soy back second to last, right before dairy.

And best of all:

My baby knows how to tear apart an exam table in 2.3 seconds flat!


Anonymous said...

Glad you stuck to your guns. What's with so many pediatricians pulling the condescending routine anyway.

Unknown said...

A condescending doc will send me into a tizzy immediately! They have no idea what goes on at home because they don't listen. They only hear what they want to hear.

Glad things went better this time.

Kayris said...

I went throuugh hell with my son because he was still spitting up at 9 months old and was not gaining weight. Our doctor labeled him 'failure to thrive' and referred us to a pediatric GI specialist. Turned out my breast milk was drying up and he was also allergic to cow's milk. Switching to soy formula resolved the problem immediately. At three years old, he is still small, but he's healthy and has met or exceeded all his milestones.

You are the best judge of how your baby is doing, and there is no set amount of what a baby should eat. What are you supposed to do, stick a funnel in his throat and pour the food down? JMO, but forcing food is a great way to create eating issues later in life.

Sorry you don't like your doctor, but it sounds like you can listen to your own gut just fine.

(Sorry for the novel, but I cannot STAND condescending or pushy doctors!)

Anonymous said...

Good for you for turning down the HFCS. Did you know that your body processes it as fat, not as sugar? It's one f-d up molecule.

Cathy said...

Glad to hear things went okay - sorry to hear you don't like that doctor. At least, hopefully, at some point you'll be done with him, right?

Jennifer said...

I had to do an elimination diet with Carson. It was worth it, of course, but oh so hard.

Doctors can be such jerks.

Secret Agent Mama said...

I hate condescending docs. Glad it went better than expected, though.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that things went better than you expected. Sorry 'bout the PIA doctor...

Alex Elliot said...

I'm glad to hear that the appointment went better than you expected. I haven't heard great things about that hypo-allergenic formula in terms of taste. I do know that it's sweetened because apparently without the sugar it tastes to babies like sewer water. Sorry to hear that the doctor was condescending. Both my boys are on the thin side and the doctor started in on me on whether or not they were eating enough. I assured her that they were fine.

Cathy said...

Oh! Soy! How I miss my Soy Dream ice cream bars! Enjoy!

Al_Pal said...

OH, sweetie! ***HUGS***

And yay for Soy and Exam-table-sundering babeh and not having to go back for awhile.

Special K ~Toni said...

Good news! Yay!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should consider switching doctors. This one sounds like a tool. It's important that you have a good relationship with your child's doctor, because if you feel intimidated about telling him something, the two of you could miss something.

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