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I am VDog and this is Little Man, the cutest Little Bunny you ever did see. You may also find me calling him Munchie Munch, #5, Cutes Patoots, Stinky Butt, and more. My husband is The Warrior (yes, that is his real college nickname, and no, he isn't big and brawny). He will not be appearing on this blog due to our Witness Relocation program. Just kidding. Mostly. But I'm sure he'll be in some of our stories.
I've always wanted babies...and now I have one. The Little Man was the first baby of the New Year in our town, and I would have started this blog earlier if it were not for the complete and total sleep deprivation that he caused. Well, not at first, since he decided to arrive 8 weeks early and spent 4 weeks in the NICU. But after that. Lots and lots of sleep deprivation.
I received my Bachelor's in English Literature earlier this decade and would like an outlet to create some of my own Masterpieces. Heheh. No, seriously.
I grew up in LA and thus love my star gossip, even though I would never want to move back there, let alone raise a child there. Not that you shouldn't -- it just shaped my perceptions of self and the world so profoundly that I would prefer The Little Man to have NorCal sensibilities.
I hope to entertain you with funny anecdotes, insanely cute baby pictures and other random thoughts.

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Al_Pal said...

You've got mad masterpieces here already, yo! ;D

Steph said...

He is a doll! Gabe was an 8lb 35 weeker! (GASP) He did 2 weeks in the NICU (5 days of it on a ventalator, 6 on a canula and 2 more with no oxygen).

InTheFastLane said...

SoCal...I would never want to live there again either. My childhood was great, but when I go back - as much as there is sooo much to do - It is great to visit and then I want to go home.

KJ said...

CUte. Oh so cute.
And... I know how you feel about LA. I live here and I want to go home. To somewhere else.

Kelly said...

I am so bookmarking you! Glad you stopped by! Aren't boys great? They love their mammas!

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