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Titi does the ABC's from VDog on Vimeo.

Back to vlogging...a year later. Oops.

Hope you enjoy my cute munchkin ball.  If you don't know the Little Man's real name, I would love it if you guys tried to guess it from his nickname ("Titi" - what his girlfriend started calling him, and incidentally, Warrior's nickname at the same age as well! It means Tweety Bird in French.  Warrior claims that it was because he was so blonde as a child, but I say that it's because his head (and Little Man's head) is the same shape and size as Tweety Bird. LOL).

What's the prize? I don't know yet, but I'll think of something good. Some linky love for sure, and maybe (just maybe) I'll start using Titi's real name on the blog. Cuz, well I don't know why.

Also a question for you Mac gurus -- is there a way to 'show desktop' like on my old Windows computer? I would luff that.


Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing] said...

I can't guess b/c I already know his name, don't I?

Anyhooters, this is further confirmation that our children must not ever mate or the world would end.

Maternal Mirth said...

Everytime I try to sing the ABC's with Peanut she tells me to "Hushhhhhh!" and then sings it herself. Her rendition is something like "ABCABCABCABCeeeeeeeee".

So cute, V. Can I crawl into his dimple and live there?

Also, my guesses ... Tate, Timmy or Thomas??

Anonymous said...

The way I 'Show Desktop' is I set up Expose in 'System Preferences->Expose & Spaces' (accessed through the Apple menu in the upper-left corner) to have a hotspot, so that when I drag my mouse into the specified corner of the Desktop, all of the windows clear off the screen and I can access the stuff on the Desktop. You can also set a keystroke to do it as well.

Anonymous said...

I can't guess either cause I know :D

What a cutie pie and I love that he spit food in your hand at the end cause Boog does that and my husband saw it one day and said "eww, mommy must love you more than me" :P

the planet of janet said...

F11 will hide all the windows you have up and show you the desktop.

you may now kiss my ring.

and since i know the munchkin's name, too, i can't guess. sigh.

Michael Blanchard said...

I'm reading your old posts! Another trick to show desktop that's a couple more keystrokes but I like better than expose ... click the desktop (or toggle to finder using command tab) then hit option+command+H. This hides everything BUT the thing that's active. Works in any app, not just the desktop.

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