Haiku Plane Trip

Thirteen hour trip
Little Man was a trooper
Felt sorry for him

A lot of waiting
Hard to nap on the airplane
Whizzing through airports

Youngest on the plane
People thought he was a girl
Said how well he did

So proud of my Boo
Not eager for more travel
Hope return goes well


It's Haiku Friday.

My Little Man did SO well on the trip here, poor cutie. It was a long trip, and he didn't get nearly enough sleep, but he was a real trooper. I can only hope our return tomorrow will go just as well.

No time to blog now, unfortunately, but I will update all of you soon!

Hope you all had fabulous Christmases!


suchsimplepleasures said...

good job, little guy! good luck coming back and have a great trip!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you had time to post at all! Nice work!

And why on earth did they think he was a girl???

the planet of janet said...

aw... good for him!! hope your trip is great.

LVGurl said...

Traveling with children is, like, my least favorite thing. Hooray for Little Man for being such a good boy!

He does not look like a girl.

However, after having babies of my own, and hearing stories from my friends, I think it is inherent in strangers to assume that your baby is the opposite gender. As a baby, Makenna could wear all pink with a giant sign flashing GIRL GIRl, and people would still tell me what a cute boy I had.

Merry Christmas!

Unknown said...

Fo-shizzle! I'm so glad the LM did so well. I hope your return goes smoothly, too!

Patois42 said...

Here's hoping the Fates don't intervene to counter his trip there.

Al_Pal said...

Aww, great Ku set!

Yeah, he doesn't look 'girl-y', but he does have that gorgeous hair! :P

Glad you are home safe! ;D

Anonymous said...

Hi You! Glad it went well. Can't wait to hear more about your trek for the holidays..

Bradley's Mom said...

Excellent Haiku!!!!

Lots of good wishes to you and your family for a healthy and happy New Year!!


Christine said...

Happy New Year!!!

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