28 Years Ago Today

My Mom went into labor while she was watching Monday Night Football. She recounted this fact to me today, even though I already knew it, since is WAS a Monday, and today is Monday, and I was born the following afternoon, a Tuesday. (But I like hearing our birth story again and again.)

Tomorrow is a Tuesday. My twenty-eighth Birthday (that's for you, SAM, who told me "twenty-something is pretty vague" (or something to that effect), why yes, yes it is vague, SAM).

(Aside: people are TRYING to make me feel old, I swear! Warrior: "Almost 30!!" Everyone else: "I thought you were younger than that!" "So, how does it feel?" like this is some HUGE Birthday or something. I feel like, well, I'm already a Mom, so that makes you feel older than people your age without kids, I'm sure. Anyway, rambling....)

I was born in the ABC room at the hospital, also known as the "Alternative Birthing Center." This means my Mom got to have more control over our birth, and was able to have a steak dinner once she had pushed me out of the womb. Awesome, right?

I have to thank my Mom for birthing me. She endured around 22 hours of labor, I'm guessing, since I was born at 4:09pm, and MNF starts around 6pm here on the West Coast, all without any pain medication. Because she is that damn strong.

One of "my songs" growing up was "409" by the Beach Boys, for obvious reasons. It made me feel special, even though it was about a car. (Giddyup, giddyup, 409!)

A year ago today was my actual Birthday (last year it was on a Monday). I was trying to enjoy being 30 weeks pregnant. I had a lovely dinner out at a local Thai restaurant with the Warrior. We came home and took (what would be) my last preggie pictures. I don't know if I had a feeling or premonition or what have you, but I HAD TO HAVE those pictures taken. It was the biggest I would get, since the next day my water broke, and my cute basketball like stomach started shrinking. It makes me sad just thinking about it.

This year I will be going to lunch with my Mom and siblings, one of my best friends, #4 and hopefully #'s 7 & 8, if the BigGuy isn't too whacked from the Synagis shot he has to get that morning (and of course, the Little Man will be there!).

Tomorrow night we are getting a babysitter and most likely will go out for Thai food again. But this time the only thing to photograph afterwards would be a bloated belly from too much Pad Thai. HA.

Apparently Warrior has presents for me. Usually I make it abundantly clear what I want, or I buy stuff and tell him to wrap it up for me. We're super romantic like that. Heh.

I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!

Thanks, Mom, for bringing me into this world. Without you none of this would be possible (cheeeez).


Christie said...

Happy Birthday!

Your present experience sounds like the way my husband and I do it. After nearly 13 years together I've given up hope he'll a. listen when I drop hints, 2) follow up said hint by hitting the store to grab the item, and C. wrap it up and present it to me at an unexpected moment to maximum the romance.

Oh, and you're still very, very young. :)

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to YOU!! I didn't even know it, and yet I gave you a present. It's at my site.


dawn224 said...


Happy birthday!!!!

LVGurl said...


Cathy said...

Happy Birthday!
I hated turning 28 - don't know why...
My husband is 32 and I've already started with the "You're almost 40." Only because the day he turned 26 I started saying he was almost 30. Yeah, I'm one of those. =)

ImpostorMom said...


I feel old all the time, way older than the husband and he's 38!

I used to love birthdays, still do, I just don't get as crazy about them. Guess I am getting really old. Anyway, I always thought of my birthday as being MY special day. When I had Boog, I realized it was also my mother's special day too. Almost more special to her because she could actually remember it.

I thought of that as I was reading you thank your mom and it dawned on me that I don't even know my own birth story. That seems like a good thing to ask my mother next week when I'm home.

Ok, could totally keep writing but I believe you have just inspired my post for today, thanks so much I was at a loss. :D

Heather said...

Hoping you have a great day tomorrow!

Bradley's Mom said...

May you have a VERY Happy Birthday and many many more healthy and happy ones to come!


Unknown said...

Happy birthday to you!! 28 is the new 18, I'll have you know!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Happy Birthday! What's little man getting you? Hope you have a great time celebrating it to the fullest.

Malissa said...

Happy Happy Birthday! I've reached the "mam" stage...I don't like it (and that was before 30). I actually just had this revelation a couple weeks ago that I really am an adult and can't believe that people put me in charge of large responsibilities in everyday life!

Enjoy everyday - age is just a number and no matter what it is, someone will always have something to say about it or associate with it - and while I have passed 30, I think my true 25ish age is finally coming out and I don't care if it's completely inappropriate at 31!

Celebrate like its 1999! :)

Cynthia said...

Happy Birthday, you young pup!

Jennifer said...

Crap, I'm late and I just started off your birhday comment with the word crap.

Happy birthday! You are verrry young...enjoy it.

Laura McIntyre said...

Happy Birthday :)

People made me feel so old last birthday, i was freaking 26 but got the whole almost 30 thing from everyone

Anonymous said...

Hey you! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! I'm sorry it's late, but having my parents here has interrupted my blogging schedule. Please know that I think you are the greatest, and I'm so glad we are bloggy BFFs!!

Al_Pal said...

You are totally super young. :P
Hooray for being birthed, and the celebration thereof. :P

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