Tonsillectomy Necessary

We just finished one
Amoxicillin was done
Now VDog is ill

Her throat hurts real bad
Which makes her feel very sad
Her meds are a pill

Better than liquid
Which Little Man had to take
Sickness is no fun

It's Haiku Friday.

I woke up this morning with a sore, swollen throat, went to the doctor, only to find that ~ guess what? Big surprise! I have tonsillitis!


Serina Hope said...

Oh no! Not more sickness. I hope everyone is better soon. Great haiku!

dawn224 said...

Gargle salt water.

or equal parts honey and vinegar

or swab your tonsils w/ campho phenique

(all sound gross, but if you could see the scarred pits in my tonsils you'd know that I understand your pain and have done all of these things in the name of pain relief.)

Cathy said...

Oh gosh!
I hope you're feeling better real soon...

Anonymous said...

Hey hon, do you suffer from tonsillitis often? If so, you should think about having them out. I was 19 when I got mine out and it was the best thing ever, in regards to being sick that is!

Feel beter soon xoox

Unknown said...

That's awful. I can handle not breathing. Sore throats are worse. I hope our collective meds kick in soon! I agree. Liquid meds YUCKO!

Victoria said...

SAM - when I had the really bad ear infection four years ago, I asked my ENT doc about it and she said that they don't really do that anymore -- that it's a horrible bloody mess of a surgery and recovery, especially for adults, AND that your tonsils can grow back. So I said, uh, no thanks!

Thanks for all your well wishes and suggestions (my doc is queen of the "warm salt water and gargle" mantra, lol), and I hope you feel better soon, too, AFF!

heidi said...

hope you feel better soon! I say try ginger tea, don't eat anything salty, and try to get some rest. (HA!)
p.s...thanks for checking out my blog!

Victoria said...

SAM -- RIIIIGHT, the title of the post. It's a joke. Heh.
This illness is definitely slowing down the mental capabilities.

Lindsay said...

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justmylife said...

Little Miss has tonsillitis too, is it that time of year again? They checked her for mono, because she has aches, sore tummy, and a small rash. It takes a week to get those results. She is driving me crazy, fever down to 99.5 and she feels better, she really wants to go out. Good Luck, Hope you feel better soon!

Al_Pal said...

Oh Dear. *HUGS* You poor sweetie! Yipes! Scary about the tonsils. ;(

Great haiku though. ;)

The Egel Nest said...

Vdog for Vendetta -

Why does g-d give us parts that can be removed...

Who needs tonsils anyway??

The Egel Nest

Laura McIntyre said...

Oh no, we are all just getting over throat infections here - no fun

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