I Did It!

The Rookie Moms can ALWAYS make you feel good with their simple activities, like this one: Write a Did-Do List.

Here's mine for the day:

Changed 6 diapers, 2 of which were poopy.

Flushed the contents of 2 poopy diapers ('cause, you know, you're supposed to? Sometimes I am lazy, though, I admit it.)

Successfully administered 2 doses of heart medicine, 2 doses of antibiotics, and one dose of acid reflux medicine to Little Man.

Took my calcium supplement.

Managed to get through 3 meals with the Little Man.

Fed myself lunch! Woot!

Took the dog for a walk, and a nice one, at that.

Had a play date with JC and CC.

Took a shower *gasp* AND *GASP* WASHED MY HAIR. Oh happy day.

Met a Mom's Group friend and made it for Gymboree Open Play time.

Got Little Man to crawl through the big tunnel at Gymbo for the first time!! (He rolls army commando style.)

Picked up some dairy free cookies for myself. Woot!

Went to Trader Joe's and picked up some provisions.

Threw together some crackah-style couscous with peas and walnuts to go with our heated up TJ's Just Chicken for dinner.

Wrote this post.

What did YOU do today?


Anonymous said...

This is what I did yesterday:

Woke up numerous times with Davey. Slept on couch a lot.

Slept for an extra hour and a half.

Drank coffee that Michael made.


Got everyone's clothes ready.

Got the baby dressed.

Fixed my hair.

Put on make up.

Got dressed.

Went to the grocery store to pick up a Hormel Party tray (and an iced coffee).

Drove to Home School Co-op.

Talked to my best friend, Mo.

Tended to the one year olds.

Partook in the Fall Feast.

Gave Davey the baby Heimlich (AGAIN).

Drove home and talked to my friend Shelly.

Got home.

Gave Davey and myself a bath (we both smelled like puke from the Heimlich).

Ate Chili that Michael made.


Put baby to bed.

Put kids to bed.

Watched Jericho (2 episodes).

Had fun with Michael. Adult playtime!

Went to sleep.

Woke up numerously with David.


Anonymous said...

I love this.
So far today (and it's only 6:45 am) I...
fed Liam and successfully put him back to sleep
got quinn out of bed
dumped his pee from little toilet to big toilet and flushed. =)
took a shower
washed my hair
gave husband a big thank you kiss because he stayed up very late recovering my lost pictures
put make-up on
finished up last night's dishes
put together bottles for the day
pulled liam's food out for the Grandma babysitter
And now - waiting for liam to get up to feed both boys breakfast at the same time and perhaps eat something myself.
then - off to work... =)

Cynthia said...

Well it's Wed...woke up and bloggeed!

Mary said...

You had a good day :)
What I wouldn't give to have a day like that........here goes:
3:00am up with the T-man. He wins and ends up in my bed. 5:45am we're up! Got ready for work. Did make time to straighten my hair. Sat in traffic. Dropped T-man off at my sisters. Sat in more traffic. Got to work by 8:00. Work sucked. Left early. Picked a cranky T-man up. Got home by 5:15. Heated him up some dinner. Fed him. Fought with him. He doesn't like "No."
Bathed him. That was another fight. Put him to bed at 7:15. Parked my behind on the couch and snuggled with the dog while having a little pitty party for myself because my little guy has turned into a monster and it's now a battle to deal with him. He exhausts me!
Hoping today is better. Although he was already in my bed by 12am this morning. Its got to stop!
Woohoo it's hump day!

Anonymous said...

Still early in the day. Let's see...

I work from home on wednesdays (keeps me sane), so...

- fed the dog
- got kid ready for school (I actually like this because I only get to do it once a week)
- Went to Starbucks (again, only on wednesdays so I cherish this simple joy)
- started scanning my RSS subscriptions, dog at my side (again, once a week - the dog/blog thing, that is. Rest of the week it's cubicle/blog).

Victoria said...

Mary -- I hear ya!

It's supposed to be a positive list of things you DID do, so I tried to make "getting through 3 meals" more positive than what ACTUALLY happened, LOL.

And I left out the crib party from 4-5:30, in which LM ended up in our bed, nursing himself back to sleep, which resulted in ME not being able to sleep or move, lest LM wake up, since he was SNORING loudly due to his piggy stuffed up nose, and the the hubs was snoring lightly off and on...so I lied there listening to my family (dog included, she sleeps on the floor in our bedroom) until nearly 7am.

I also got stuck in traffic with a tired, fussy baby who fell asleep only 10 minutes from home. *sigh*

But when I wrote it all up, positive like, it made me feel really good and think about only the good parts of my day. THE HAIR!! IT'S WASHED! Hahahaha.

Hope you all have a great Wednesday!

Enjoy your day at home, BD! Thanks for stopping by my place!

Jennifer said...

I love the idea of a did do list!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for playing, everyone!

Al_Pal said...

Well, today was a wash, since I woke up with one of the worst headaches I've ever had--likely not a migraine, since I wasn't really light-sensitive, but temple and behind-the-eyes poundy--so, Tuesday:

Food, webbing.
Packed up all my stuff from 3 weeks of catsitting, finished some laundry.
Spent time with mom and lil' sis.
Admired bf's landscaping.
Did some commenting and clearing of tabs on the blog-reading front.
Showered and washed hair, put on contact lenses.
Did some paperwork.
Helped with dinner, served and ate. Yum.
Finished corralling the ton of stuff, supervised the loading of car.
Fueled car.
Drove 1.5 hours home. Unloaded car, put away food from cooler.
Enjoyed the reunion with the roomies, and the new fence on one side of the yard, courtesy of the neighbor's remodeling project.
Read a hand-written card from a friend, and a few pages of a novel.
Had Deep and Important conversations with the bf about relationships.
Finally went to bed. ;D

dawn224 said...

I've been both mom and dad for the last 2 days which Scout's been out of town. Today I will also be contractor to painters and whoever will be figuring out why our shower is leaking into our living room.


Christie said...

Sweet. Washing hair is awesome.

So far today I...

woke up.
let Henry sleep in.
toasted an English muffin and poured myself a glass of orange juice.
fed and burped Henry.
changed H's diaper.
washed H's hair and face.
swaddled Henry and put him in the swing.
got dressed.
brushed my teeth.
applied some mascara.
fed H again.
changed another diaper.
dressed H.
left the house to hit the camera shop.
fed H again.
changed another diaper.
put out new tummy time mat.
placed H on new tummy time mat.
spun H around and played with H.
cleaned up H's puke.
wiped down new tummy time mat.
walked around condo bouncing H.
fed H again.
took a nap with H.
woke up and fed H.
changed another diaper.
watched Journeyman on TiVo.
commented on blog.

justmylife said...

Went to the doctor and lawyer, That took all day!!! I hate the doctor's office!!!

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