Our Weekend Was Craptastic

The Little Man had his nine month appointment on Friday. He got shots (no mercury in them, woohoo!). He's never had a reaction to vaccinations before.

This time, however, he had a "let's party in the middle of the night" reaction. Fun stuff. Which means he was tired and cranky the next day. Which carried over to the next day, and then the next.

This morning he was up from 4am to 5:30, then up for the day before 6:30. Which means that Mama's rope, which was short yesterday, is even shorter today. These are the "get through the day," days of motherhood.

I want the "happy puppies and bunnies days" back. And soon, please. A little sleep thrown in would be oh so nice as well.

Here are the Little Man's stats:

Weight: 16lbs 8oz = 3rd % (yes, he is very skinny, but he has more than tripled his birth weight)

Height (length): 29 inches (!!!) = 75th % (he is one long dude!)

Head Circumference: 47 cm = 90th % (he has one big-ass head!)

I think he has a future as one of those lollipop headed super models.

Here is the one who is currently terrorizing me, complete with a toothy grin, by request:

He's lucky he's so cute. Otherwise the hair pulling, face clawing, scratching, pinching, blood-drawing, nipple and shoulder biting, screaming, pooping repeatedly at all hours of the night, not sleeping goodness might be a little hard to take.


Cathy said...

First - Those pictures are adorable! I love his hair!
Sorry about your crappy weekend. I'm totally with you on the face clawing and scratching. The other night I went in to feed Liam and after I picked up the little bugger he clawed at my face, knocked my glasses off of me, and started kicking and squirming. Come on...I was there to help - and he treats me like that? These boys of ours will soon learn the proper way to treat their mamas.
(oh and liam's a night pooper too - makes it hard for us not to go in there when we hear him fussing a bit.)
Good luck and I'm really hoping your week gets better.

Kayris said...

He weighs more than my daughter did at 9 months and she was full term. It sounds like he's doing great!

This post makes me think of a onesie I saw somewhere. "Party In My Crib 2AM-6AM"

Madam Crunchypants said...

He is adorable!

Are they adjusting his age to take into account how pre-term he was? Punkin was 4 weeks early and has always been low on the %ile charts for her weight too, but there's a pretty big difference once her age is adjusted correctly.

And anyhow, you're totally right - if he's tripled his birthweight, you've got nothing to worry about. I was told by a neonatal specialty nurse that it often takes pre-term babies until they are 6 years old to catch up size-wise, but after that you can't really tell they were ever little :D

Anonymous said...

hang in there, mama! I was thinking of you tons this weekend and i hope we connect soon, if only for the help support line. I miss you guys and need to get my hands on that little man. It's been too long. I can't believe how long his hair has gotten! Btw, those real food poops are the best, eh? Count yourself lucky if the diaper is containing things and your not having to change jammies and sheets too!
mojo r

Cynthia said...

Oh they are so lucky that they are cute! Here's hoping you get some sleep:)

Toni said...

Oh, the vaccination crankies! Good times. The Conqueror had a flu shot today at a sick appt. and he has been a grumpy gus ever since. I'm feeling for you. We have our 9 month immunizations in a few weeks- I'm so not looking forward to that. Hope he cheers up soon....

Jennifer said...

First, I have the exact same onesie!

Second, sorry for the rough go. I completely understand. Sending calming and sleeping vibes your way.

Third, he's just precious.

Al_Pal said...

So. Freaking. Cute!

And, whew! I wondered how you were doing when I checked yesterday and there was no blog--I figured somthin' was going on!
Clearly, I need to get my rear in gear and watch him awhile so you can sleep, hmm?

The supermodel comment totally made me laugh!
Love you!!!

dawn224 said...

My kid's a moose. Your baby still has the slim li'l baby legs. So sweet.

The Egel Nest said...

So cute...love the hair...and I know good baby hair!

The Egel Nest

Anonymous said...

Such a little cutie! And long, skinny babies rock!
(Hey, we have that same onesie.)


Our boys ARE lucky they are so cute! LOL

He sounds perfect in the weight department. He's only 5lbs less than Davey and he was a butterball turkey when he was born, ya know (almost 12lbs).


ImpostorMom said...

Oh he is a cutie! So sorry your weekend sucked. Boog bit me on the shoulder yesterday, shocked the hell out of me and it HURT! He's getting two more teeth so we gotta keep those teething tablets handy. He's become a nightmare to change, oh the squirming and flipping over, ugh.

LM is 1/4 of an inch LONGER than Boog!

Candace said...

oy with that face! I can't take it!
and I've got one of my own right next to me..!
but that face!!!!!

k said...

love those 2 little bottom teeth!

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