Messy McMesserson

Slacker Mom am I?
Putting off washing, cleaning.
When was his last bath?

So much cleaning now
Solid foods make a huge mess
Black beans on the floor

Sweet potatoes and
Rice puffs, bananas
All up in his hair

Food is not to wear,
I tell him repeatedly.
He doesn't listen.


Anonymous said...

i was waiting for your Haiku to come! i haven't had time to comment because i had so much blog reading to catch up on! and no i'm the first to comment...unless someone else sneaks in!

i love it! isn't the difference between bottle/breastfeeding and solid feeding insane? oh, the mess! it got so bad with Logan, who would just tear his bib off like he was the Hulk, so we now take his shirt off before he eats....it's much easier to wipe food of skin than off t-shirts! ;-)

Cathy said...

I was waiting as well...
I just gave Liam a bath after lunch (rice cereal and sweet potatoes all over his arm, face, and hair).
And the poops! Jennifer wrote about the stinky poops! Yuck!

Unknown said...

Oh, yes, poop. That's the fun part of solids, isn't it. There's no question mark, because with kiddos it's a statement.

You know? I'm going to add you to my blogroll, cause I have been here like every day this week. You're everywhere I am these days.

VDog said...

Thanks, my loyal fans!! I love you back!

Sorry I haven't had time to leave a lot of comments lately, you are all on my mind (and I'm trying to keep up with the reading of blogs, just not leaving too many comments). I'm gonna catch up tonight/this weekend.

And AFF, I have been meaning to add you as well. I will get you up ASAP.

Marty, a.k.a. canape said...

Such a cute image. Probably because I don't have to clean him up :)

Anonymous said...

You are awesome, VDog!!! Little Man is lucky, too.. sweet potatoes, rice puffs, and bananas...food of champions!!!

Toni said...

Oh, I am feeling your pain! The Conqueror is a messy, messy man who spits his food out when he is full. Nice, huh? Also, I am trying (per Dr. orders) to get him to drink more from a cup and he thinks it is hysterical to get a mouthful of liquid and spit it all over himself. Three wardrobe changes alone on Thursday. Sigh. Hard to imagine I will miss all this in just a short time...

Anonymous said...

The title on this one spoke to me. I just called my 7 year old "Messy McMesserson" the other day. His response? "At least I'm not Fatty McFatFat".

Gosh, I love my son SOOOO much!

Jennifer said...

I wish I could've waited longer to start Ella on solids! It's such a mess!

Great 'ku!

Al_Pal said...

Great haiku set!!! ;D

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