Haiki Frizznighday

Sorry Blogosphere
Mommy duties take much time
I've been M.I.A.


Post is ready made
When I do Haiku Friday
Oh how I love thee


Confidential to a friend:

Depression is real
Makes moms feel inadequate
You are doing great


Happy day is here
More time to spend with Daddy
It is the weekend!


Run to the bathroom
I really have to go bad
T.P.'s out, oh no!

Last drawer sees relief
Thought I could be out of luck
Charmin is in there


Serina Hope said...

I love haiku Friday too. Thay are the easiest. These are great.

the planet of janet said...

nicely done!

Unknown said...

Well, done Vdog. I'm with you on the Friday post being easy & very free for all...

Anonymous said...

aren't Haiku Fridays great! love 'em!

you are a good friend to support friend...hope she is doing better.

Cynthia said...

Oh you haiku'ers...so clever!

Heidi Hyde said...

T.P.'s out- Oh No!

Heh. heh.


The Egel Nest said...

There is always Kleenex as a back up if you have to us it :)

The Egel Nest

Toni said...

Great haiku. Who knew poetry could be about TP? (:

Al_Pal said...


Great haikus, as usual!!! ;D

Saturday night out?
The music calls, but will our
bodies heed the call?

Bionic leg so
Tired. I love to dance--is
there enough Advil?

Off to the shower
Energy I hope for now
To show my costume


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