We Decided To Call In Sick

Yesterday, Little Man and I had had enough. We really needed a break from our busy stay-at-home schedule. So we took a sick day. That's right, we're allowed. I think we have five left for the rest of the year. We better use them wisely!

Seriously though, Little Man was rockin' a wicked fever, which was causing him to want to ditch out of the office altogether. No phone calls or faxes to return. No, it was all PJ's all day for the Little Prince and his Queen Mommy.

Luxuriating in bed nursing (yes, we have finally mastered that! Woohoo!!), lazing around the house, having a nibble of food here and there. Despite the screaming that punctuated the early morning, it was a very nice way to spend the day indeed. And a day of rest was just what we both needed -- recharged the batteries, you know?

We both felt better (not 100% though) and more well rested by the late afternoon. I am hoping that the time off has cured what ails him. If not, we may just have to take a half day today.

We go to check in with the cardiologist this afternoon. Wish us luck!


Anonymous said...

Little man is adorable. Great blog.

Anonymous said...

Your sick day blog crackered me up big time....good stuff....you should write for the Onion. I'm not surprised that Lil Man puts out a quality product. :)

Anonymous said...

Nursing in bed is niiiiiiice. You can only hope he falls asleep and you can just lie there and watch Regis & Kelly.
All the best at your appt!

Kimberly McKay said...

Glad you got to take a 'day'--we all need those from time to time! Keep us updated on the visit to the cardiologist.

Candace said...

great blog! and now you will love me forever! yeah!!
i'm so with you on the perez and pink is the new!
and the ny times! we are very balanced beings, no?
oh, and the wine and reality tv but my taste is less sophisticated. I like age of love and the hills.

and top chef!
enjoy your sick day and nursing!
I miss those days.

Cathy said...

I haven't yet figured out nursing in bed - I tried in the beginning with both boys, but just ended up propping myself up and hurting my back - so I just fall asleep in the rocking chair.
Sorry to hear the Little Man isn't feeling well - I hope it clears soon. We've been sick here too - I'd say it's the weather, but I'm sure our weather is very different!
Get well!

Malissa said...

Hope you are both MUCH better - don't forget that you can always use those precious "sick days" when you need a mental health day! :)

Jennifer said...

I'm on kid 2 and still haven't figured out nursing in bed.

Good luck at the cardiologist!

Unknown said...

Get well peeps. We got some fun to have on Sat!

Anonymous said...

Ah... sick daze... gotta love 'em every now and again. Congrats on mastering nursing in bed... nothing better at that stage in life! I love that you're Queen Mommy. :) Luck and prayers be with you on your trip to the cardiologist...

Anonymous said...

What a great blog! You are so funny and I think Little Man is a cutie pie!
I'll be reading.

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