Preemie Powers, Activate!

On the left, #8, the BigGuy, and on the right, #5, the Little Man.

They are totally conspiring against us for future Code Brown's (aka "blow-outs") and up-all-night ragers.


Anonymous said...

Looks like they're saying, "Ready. Set. GO!" and ready to take off. SO cute!

Cathy said...

Go preemies!
My hubby was a preemie (7 weeks) and the doctors told his mom he'd probably be slow and need assisted living his whole life (this was 30 years ago, afterall). Anyway, he's got a degree in physics and one in engineering and just designed a new engine for the Ford F250. So yeah, preemies rock!
I was lucky enough to carry both my boys full term so I have no idea how hard it must have been for you to leave the Little Man and go home without him.
He looks like he's doing great and really thriving - so go you!

Anonymous said...

Who's that handsome kid on the left? He looks just like his mom!!! ;) So cute!!

Anonymous said...

These two are quite the pair. Once they start moving, all Hell is going to break loose!

Anonymous said...

So cute! Your page is really making me want one...now.... too bad they take nine (or so!) months to come out. hehehe

Too Cool for School said...

cute kids

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