Meeting of the Minds


Sasha and the Little Man have finally started to notice and like each other. In the beginning, neither was too keen to acknowledge the other's presence.

On Sasha's part, we blame complete obtuseness. On Little Man's part, we blame poor eyesight and a general lack of knowing what was going on in the world around him. (I guess the same could go for Sasha as well!)

It is really wonderful to see Little Man smile at Sasha and be excited by her tail wagging (look out Sasha! He's coming for you soon!). Sasha has also taken to the Little Man, and tries to kiss him whenever we're not looking. Sasha has definitely accepted him as one of The Pack. And I'm pretty sure she realizes his position is above hers in said Pack.

Poor Sasha. From beloved only child to lowly family pet status. The Princess has fallen, while the Prince rises above her.

Like a true Princess, Sasha has taken her demotion with dignity.


Cathy said...

Oh...I life long friendship in the making. My older son absolutely loves our dog - and our dog - well, she tolerates our son, but is starting to really like him more and more as he's discovered the joy of feeding her his goldfish and other assorted snacks.

Anonymous said...

My son is so terrified of dogs. Little Man's a champ in the making!

Our cats were demoted from the kings of the castle to working security at the castle gate. Rough transition for two furry little boys :)

Anonymous said...

Awww. We'll have to get over there to give Sash some extra lovin'. ;p
Cute pics!

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